Eve Stories February 5, 2019

Update: The Eve Light Strip is now available to order for $79. It communicates to HomeKit over WiFi, no bridge required.

Connected home company Eve (formerly Elgato) is back again at CES with an update on its previously announced Eve Energy Strip and Eve Light Strip. Last year at CES the company introduced the Eve Room and Button and later restructured its focus exclusively on smart home devices.

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Eve Stories August 30, 2018

Eve isn’t through making HomeKit news this week. After going all-in on HomeKit and dropping the Elgato branding in June, Eve released its redesigned Room air quality sensor on Monday. Now Eve is back with three new HomeKit accessories including a power strip, light strip, and light switch.

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Eve Stories August 27, 2018

Elgato announced earlier this summer that it would rebrand as Eve and go all-in on HomeKit as it sold its gaming division to Corsair. Now HomeKit-focused Eve is out with its latest Siri-friendly smart home accessory: the second generation Eve Room air quality monitor. The new version is a significant upgrade over the original for a few reasons.

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Eve Stories June 27, 2018

Elgato makes a lot of great HomeKit hardware and smart home accessories — and now that’s going to be Elgato’s only focus as it tightens up and rebrands.

Elgato Systems is changing its name to Eve Systems and going all-in on HomeKit as it shifts its focus totally to its extensive Eve live of smart home products.

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Eve Stories June 2, 2015


Elgato has announced pricing for its range of HomeKit-compatible smart home devices, and made them available for pre-order. Sources told us last week that the first HomeKit devices would go on sale this week, but with no indication of delivery times, Elgato doesn’t appear to be one of the roughly five companies expected to begin shipping later today.

Elgato first announced last September that it would be making HomeKit devices, and has now revealed pricing on four products, ranging from door/window sensors for $39.95 to a room sensor – measuring temperature, humidity and air quality – for $79.95 …  expand full story

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