HomeKit Secure Video Stories November 25

The Christmas shopping season has officially begun, and since it’s time for HomeKit Weekly, I thought I’d take the time to provide an update on my top HomeKit devices that would be the perfect gift under the Christmas tree for a smart home enthusiast. I’ve been doing these articles for a few years now, and in that time I’ve seen so many great HomeKit products from a variety of manufacturers. With the rollout of Matter and Thread, it’s never been a better time to start building your perfect smart home on the foundation of HomeKit!

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories October 19

HomeKit Secure Video (HKSV) is Apple’s answer for bringing privacy to indoor and outdoor cameras by processing footage locally for person and animal detection and features end-to-end encryption. However, the capability has a number of technical requirements that can make it a challenge to implement. After planning to bring HKSV to its existing Smart Video Doorbell via a software update, Netatmo has made the difficult decision to skip the feature, here’s why.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories June 3

I’ve written about the home-building process a few times in the past. There’s something refreshing about “starting from scratch” with your home and deciding everything fresh. There’s also a benefit to rethinking the role of smart home technology in your life. How much is too much? Would it be easier to use a light switch here vs. a smart bulb? Do I really need that many cameras? For the next iteration of my smart home diary section of HomeKit Weekly, I want to explain why I picked a brand of cameras I never thought I’d go with a few months back. Let’s look at how I ended up choosing the Nest Cam with Floodlight for my outdoor cameras.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories May 17

Eve’s HomeKit products have been some of my favorites for many years. Between products like the Eve Water Guard and the popular Thread enabled Eve Energy, its commitment to HomeKit has made it a fan favorite for people building a smart home around HomeKit. Today, Eve brings the Eve Outdoor Cam to the market with the first-ever floodlight with HomeKit Secure Video support.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories March 3

Today, Aqara has announced the US release of its new G2H Pro camera designed as an Aqara hub and supporting HomeKit Secure Video. Aqara’s product lineups allow end users to build out a HomeKit setup at the lowest cost possible. Read on to learn more about the G2H Pro and its comparison to the original.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories February 5

The Starling Home Hub is a core part of my HomeKit experience, as it bridges my Nest Thermostat and Google Home Mini to HomeKit and AirPlay, respectively. One notable feature that’s been a wishlist item for many Starling customers is Nest support for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video. Now, with the latest 11.0 firmware update, a handful of Google Nest cameras are now compatible with HKSV.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories January 3

Eve, one of the top HomeKit product manufacturers, is kicking off 2022 with multiple new product announcements. One of the new products is a new Eve Floodlight Outdoor Cam designed for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories April 22, 2021

Netatmo HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) support is now arriving for the company’s Smart Outdoor Cameras, following an update back in February for the Smart Indoor Cameras. The camera is designed to replace an existing outdoor light fitting, and is available with or without a siren.

As promised, existing Outdoor Cameras will get the update within the next few days …

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories March 26, 2021

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my wife and I purchased some land that I am starting to think through what some of the HomeKit setup I will end up having as I’ll install everything during construction instead of having to retrofit it. One of the things I am thinking through is cameras. There are several ways I could go. Part of me thinks I should stick with the eufyCam setup I have now, but then part of me wants to look at something hardwired to power like the Logi Circle View. To better prepare my decision-making, I am attempting to test all of the HomeKit cameras on the market to see what I want to include in our new house. This week, I am taking a look at the Eve Cam.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories January 22, 2021

Integrating your cameras into HomeKit is one of the best ways to build up your smart home environment, but which cameras are the best? This week, I will give you all the information about the best HomeKit cameras for securing the outdoors of your home in 2021.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories January 15, 2021

There are multiple types of HomeKit cameras, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I’ve previously reviewed the eufy outdoor cameras, and while I love them, they have to be charged once a year or so. If the opportunity to wire a camera is available, that’s a great option. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the Logitech Circle View to cover part of my side yard, and it’s a fantastic HomeKit camera. Let’s dive into how it works with HomeKit.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories November 20, 2020

HomeKit cameras, for the longest time, were like Bigfoot. We heard all about them, but they were nowhere to be found. Now, there are countless options for integrating cameras into your HomeKit experience. One of the simplest options is the new Aqara G2H camera.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories August 7, 2020

After years of not much news around HomeKit cameras, it seems like we’re getting new cameras regularly now, and it’s great to see the products begin to finally mature. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been testing the new eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan and Tilt camera. I also have been testing the eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam and recommend you check out Chance Miller’s review of the product as well to decide which one is best for you. expand full story

HomeKit Secure Video Stories July 24, 2020

I’ve written about my eufyCam setup in the past when considering HomeKit Secure Video. I have multiple outdoor cameras, the wired Eufy doorbell, and I am testing various indoor eufy cameras for an upcoming review. As you can see, I am all in on Eufy as my camera manufacturer. They are low cost, reliable, and work well with HomeKit. For my smart home needs, that is all I am looking for in a camera. I recently picked up a eufyCam 2 Pro to compare the quality to my existing cameras and expand my outdoor coverage. expand full story

HomeKit Secure Video Stories June 3, 2020

Update: Preorders are now open.

Eve Cam is available for pre-order from the Eve Store at a price of USD $149.95 and will start shipping on June 23rd. It will be available at apple.com and Amazon starting July.

Eve Systems has announced the Eve Cam, which it describes as “the first-ever indoor camera made exclusively for Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video, built from the ground up to keep your data secure”…

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories June 2, 2020

Eufy has made a brief post explaining the HomeKit delay with the affordable Indoor Cam it launched back in April.

The company promised at the time that it would get HomeKit support, but this has not yet happened. The post says there will be a further delay, but for a very good reason …

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories May 18, 2020

Logitech has officially unveiled its new Circle View smart camera that works exclusively with Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video platform. The Circle View is similar to the wired Circle 2, but with a focus on privacy and a new black design.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories May 4, 2020

Logitech appears to be preparing a new HomeKit-capable smart video camera called the Logitech Circle View. As spotted on Reddit, Logitech briefly published details on the new Circle View camera on its website, but has since taken the webpage down.

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories April 3, 2020

Earlier this week, Eufy started rolling out HomeKit Secure Video support for the eufyCam 2, and it now seems there is a new pan-and-tilt Eufy camera on the way.

If accurate, this would be the first non-static camera from the budget-focused smart home company…

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories March 17, 2020

There’s good news if you own Anker’s eufyCam 2: the long-awaited support for HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) is now rolling out in the latest firmware update.

Apple first listed the eufyCam 2 as one of the security cameras due to get HSV back in November of last year …

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories March 2, 2020

Those looking for an affordable HomeKit Secure Video (HSV) camera could be in luck: Aqara has announced that its long-promised G2H camera will support Apple’s privacy-focused standard from launch. Although pricing isn’t yet known, the company is known for budget-friendly products.

It follows news that the G2 Camera Hub will also be HomeKit compatible …

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HomeKit Secure Video Stories February 20, 2020

HomeCam 2.0 brings enhanced viewing of HomeKit cameras on iOS, Apple Watch, and Apple TV

Video in the HomeKit ecosystem has come a long way in recent years. As we finished up 2019, we started seeing a rollout of HomeKit Secure Video. As we head into 2020, we’re waiting on a new Doorbell from abode and a new HomeKit Secure Video only option from Eve. As someone who has a lot of devices in the Home app, video cameras can easily get buried. If you have a number of HomeKit cameras, you’ll want to check out HomeCam.

HomeKit Secure Video Stories November 15, 2019

HomeKit Secure Video from Apple is a real feature that you can actually use with iOS 13 thanks to Logitech Circle 2 cameras.

Logitech promised an update for Logi Circle 2 Wired cameras earlier this summer right after Apple unveiled its new approach to home security camera software. A new app update and beta camera firmware released this week fulfilled that promise, making Logitech Circle 2 Wired cameras the only hardware to work with the new HomeKit Secure Video.

Apple’s Home app has supported home security cameras for years, but HomeKit Secure Video raises the bar for privacy while introducing new recording features for certain iCloud subscribers. Here’s what you should know about HomeKit Secure Video now that the feature is in the wild.

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