Popular charitable shoe and clothing company TOMS has today announced its own lineup of Apple Watch bands. While the company has yet to formally reveal the effort, the bands are live on TOMS.com, as is the new One-to-One initiative to go alongside the accessories…

Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

TOMS says that every time an Apple Watch band is purchased, it will provide one year of solar light to a person in need, continuing the matching charitable component of its products that have been a staple for the company:

A classic look designed for travel and adventure. TOMS for Apple Watch bands do more than just make a personal style statement; they make a difference by helping bring solar lights to people who need them the most.

When individuals have access to safe, reliable light sources, one more child will have the TIME to study into the night, one more person will have the TIME to work after dark and earn extra income, and one more family will stay healthy and safe.

As for the bands themselves, TOMS is offering a handful of different options for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch wearers. There are two different tiers of bands, $49 and $75. The former offers a light blue stripe option, a black option, a clay option, an olive option, and a dusty pink option. These bands are made out of a “durable grosgrain fabric” with leather detailing:

  • Designed for the Apple Watch
  • Durable grosgrain fabric
  • Genuine leather detailing, stainless steel buckle with black finish
  • GIVE TIME etching on buckle, gold TOMS emboss
  • Apple Watch sold separately

The $75 tier offers a black diamond design, a royal blue diamond design, and a red diamond design. These bands feature:

  • Designed for the Apple Watch
  • Woven fabric with genuine leather backing
  • Stainless steel detailing with silver finish
  • GIVE TIME etching on buckle, gold TOMS emboss
  • Apple Watch sold separately

TOMS got its popularity largely due to the charitable efforts that see it donate one pair of shoes to a person in need every time a pair of shoes is purchased, and the company is keeping those efforts in place with its Apple Watch accessories.

The new TOMS Apple Watch bands are available now from TOMS’ website.

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