A 9to5Mac poll of 2016 MacBook Pro owners revealed that the majority found it no big deal to adapt to the brave new USB-C-only world. More than 5,000 readers took part, with 56% describing it as ‘a small deal/painless.’


Most also reported that the transition was either as expected or easier than expected, with 43% saying it was as expected and 36% easier.

One thunderbolt to USB adapter, and a USB-c hub did the trick. Everything is hooked up without a hitch.


For me it’s been pretty painless. I bought new wires for almost all my devices (generally connect 3 including power) and 1 adapter for those rare times I need USB-A.


Everything work working flawlessly here. Just waiting on thunder dock 3 to get here then I will have only one cable connected to my laptop awesome!

However, almost a quarter of those taking part said that the switch was ‘a big deal/painful,’ with a further 17% opting for ‘a medium deal.’

The change is expensive, unsupported by most peripherals, and was done all-at-once instead of a reasonable transition time.


To me the migration to USB-C has 2 problems: it’s expensive and you cannot switch totally because even in the case of Apple not all cables can be bought USB-C (Apple Watch) and many peripherals (Logitech Mouse Dongle) are USB-A or B and not C. How long will it take to have all USB-C adapters and cables?


Everything was going great on my migration to USB-C until I discovered I have 14 built in 110vac receptacles around the house with the built in USB-A charge ports. These are going to have to be changed to USB C. :( Are there even any 110vac receptacles with USB-C charge ports yet?

There has been further controversy on the battery life front, with Consumer Reports saying this was the first MacBook they could not recommend – though its test results were odd to say the least.

As always, it should be noted that this is an indicative poll rather than a definitive one, with a self-selecting audience of techier-than-average users.

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