Apple’s stock price continues hitting record highs as anticipation builds for the company’s upcoming spring iPad event and next-generation iPhones.

AAPL today closed at a high of 139.79 per share following several record breaking days over the last month. The stock price also hit a high for intraday trading today reaching 140.15 before closing. The record stock prices put Apple’s market cap at 733.74B, not far off from its highest ever $775 billion record achieved back in 2015.

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Over the last month AAPL has achieved record highs including a notable jump on February 14 following Goldman Sachs raising its 12-month target price for the stock based on anticipation for the next-generation iPhones. The stock also benefited from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway more than doubling its AAPL holdings in just two months to $17B.

The record numbers for AAPL today come as analysts predict significant growth for Apple this year following first-time declines for iPhones and other categories in 2016. It also comes as anticipation builds for an expected spring iPad event followed by new iPhones and Apple Watch expected in the fall.

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