We’ve seen a host of concept images appear for this year’s iPhone 8, some good and some bad. Today, designers Thiago M Duarte and Ran Avni have released their foray into iPhone 8 concept videos, offering a take on what the upcoming device could look like with features such as a front-facing camera embedded in the display…

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At this point, it’s almost a given that the iPhone 8 will feature a nearly bezel-less design. One possibility is that Apple will embed the front-facing camera behind the display in order to achieve the new design. Most recently, a report claimed that the iPhone 8 would feature an “invisible” front-facing camera.

Today’s concept video imagines the hidden front-facing camera, the all-glass design, and much more. For instance, the video shows four speakers, one on every corner of the device. This could make for a much more powerful speaker system, similar to what Apple has included in recent iPad models.

Furthermore, the video offers a solid take on what the bezel-less design could look like, showing how well the deep blacks of the OLED display contribute to the experience. There’s also in-screen Touch ID support, something that may or may not end up launching with the iPhone 8 later this year.

Lastly, the video also imagines a ceramic iPhone 8, similar to that of the Apple Watch. We haven’t heard very much about this being an actual possibility, though.

Like almost all of them, this concept isn’t without some error. For one, the front-facing camera isn’t necessarily “invisible” as it can clearly be seen in the middle of the display. This could be merely for the effect of the video, but I highly doubt Apple would ever but such a distraction right the middle of the display.

Nevertheless, this concept video is worth a watch. Let us know what you think of it in the commnets below.

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