Facebook is testing a GIF creator in the camera section of the iOS app. The feature has already rolled out to some users …


TNW discovered it this morning. GIFs can also be combined with existing effects available in the Facebook camera.

GIFs created through this feature are short, and only last a few seconds. As expected, you can use the full range of effects and frames from the Facebook camera. You can also add the GIF to your Facebook story, post it to your profile, or save it to your device.

Facebook frequently tests new features by rolling them out to a subset of its users, so there’s no way to know whether or when this might be rolled out more widely.

If you have it, you’ll see a Normal/GIF tab at the top of the screen when you tap the camera icon in the app.

You can, of course, already use ready-made GIFs in iMessages using the built-in option or third-party apps.

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