[We’ve just learned that Chamberlain has offered a free MyQ Home Bridge to MyQ Community members who joined the community on or before 9/30/17. The company is having eligible customers fill out a survey to redeem the free upgrade. Alternately, if you purchased the new HomeKit supported MyQ Home Bridge in the last two months, you can keep it and apply for a refund.

For new MyQ customers, Chamberlain provided a $20 off coupon on the purchase of a MyQ Smart Garage Hub & MyQ Home Bridge bundle. For existing MyQ customers a $20 coupon (MYQHB20) offer that further discounts MyQ Home Bridge from the introductory special price of $49.99 to $29.99. Offer valid until 10/8/2017 only on Chamberlain.com.]

Chamberlain is now shipping its MyQ Home Bridge device that adds HomeKit support to MyQ-connected garage door openers. The new MyQ Home Bridge retails for $69.99, but Chamberlain is offering customers a special $49.99 introductory price for a limited time.

HomeKit lets you use Siri and Home app automation to open and close garage doors, check the state of garage doors, and control garage lights. For example, you can create an automation in Apple’s Home app to automatically open your garage when you arrive home and close your garage before bed. You can also use Siri to control your garage door and lights and receive alerts for activity when you’re away.

Chamberlain notes that MyQ Home Bridge works with “MyQ enabled garage door openers (without built in Wi-Fi) and MyQ lighting.” Chamberlain also provides these compatibility details:

  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ-enabled garage door openers
  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster Wi-Fi enabled garage door openers (MyQ Home Bridge adds HomeKit compatibility, smartphone control already included with Wi-Fi openers)
  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ Garage
  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster MyQ Lighting Controls (models WSLCEV, PILCEV, 823LM and 825LM)
  • Chamberlain and LiftMaster Internet Gateway (MyQ Home Bridge is a replacement for this device and adds HomeKit compatibility)

Chamberlain originally unveiled MyQ Home Bridge back in January at CES 2017. MyQ Home Bridge was expected to ship in April but today marks the first day units are shipping due to delays. Chamberlain is also planning to release a new Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub product with HomeKit support in the future.


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