A screenshot of an email being circulated around the internet in the last day supposedly revealed new strict app review policies. We have confirmed with sources that this email is not legitimate communication and does not reflect a real Apple policy decision.

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It’s hard to say why someone would go to the effort of spoofing this email, but that is the reality. It emulated the formatting and language of iTunes Connect email ¬†(albeit spattered with grammar mistakes).

A screenshot of the faked email is included below. The first paragraph hints at a real policy that is coming into effect next year, with Apple cracking down on apps made using template generation services. The second paragraph, regarding a ban on apps made using Xamarin or PhoneGap, is completely fabricated.

Whilst we tend not to cover spoof content in general, this email was getting sufficient traction in the community that we felt it was worth debunking.

Whilst some of the content reflects real App Review policy changes, the specific wording and overall content is completely made up. Developers should not be worried about any 2019 deadlines on what tools they use to make apps; these are simply not real.

Here’s a copy of the spoofed email:

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