Matthew Roberts‘ latest 4K drone footage of Apple Park shows the campus starting to live up to its name, with a great many trees and grass areas now in place. It looks very much closer to the ‘building amid nature’ image seen in the early renders …


Trees also surround the large pond, and the visitor center – but not high enough to block the view of the main spaceship building from its roof terrace atop the on-site Apple Store. We got our own tour of the visitor center and accompanying AR app last month.

The Steve Jobs Theater, too, looks to be more nestled among the trees, almost giving it the appearance of a modern bandstand in a park.

We can see an outside dining terrace area, with shade, just outside the atrium.

There are, though, other areas that still look very much like a construction site, with bare earth and mounds of dirt. This is especially evident in the area between the main ring and the fitness center.

Check out the video below.

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