We saw the first Android clone of the iPhone X design around a month ago, in the form of the Leagoo S9. The phone copied both the rounded corners and notch of the iPhone X to create something which, at first glance, could be mistaken for Apple’s flagship phone …


Leagoo isn’t a significant brand even in its home market of China, but the latest clone to arrive is from a mid-tier brand.

Our sister site 9to5Google first took a look at a lower-end Oukitel phone last summer when it reviewed the K10000 – a smartphone whose selling-point is a 10,000mAh battery. Admittedly, they didn’t give it the greatest review, but it was a solid phone from a brand that sells reasonably well in China.

The Oukitel U18 is unashamedly being promoted as an iPhone X clone.

At the first month of 2018, Oukitel is releasing a new smartphone Oukitel U18, of which is said to be next killer of Oukitel. It will feature iPhone X-like display design, but gets a new 21:9 aspect ratio, making it slimmer and more comfortable to hold in hand.

The illusion here is less convincing. The rounded corners look squared-off; the notch is completely the wrong shape; and the display doesn’t extend to the bottom of the phone. But it may pass the ‘glance from a distance’ test, which is likely all some buyers care about.

China is known as a design-focused market in which people like to be seen to be using the latest device, making iPhone clones popular among those who can’t afford the real thing.

Specs are mid-range for an Android device, with 4GB RAM, 64GB flash storage and a 5.85-inch 1512×720 display.

The company says that it will begin production of the new model by the end of the month. No price or availability date has yet been announced.

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