Earlier this month, we reported on what fans of The Office had originally believed to be a spin-off revival, noting that it actually looked like something involving Apple. Today, that project has officially been released in the form of an ad for Apple subsidiary FileMaker…

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The ad stars actors Kate Flannery, Leslie David Baker and Paul Lieberstein who all had key roles in The Office. It somewhat follows the format of the failed spin-off of The Office, called The Farm. Flannery, Baker, and Liberstein are all working on a beet farm, using FileMaker software to power it all.

FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple that allows business owners to create custom apps unique to their businesses needs. In the ad, the service is used for the apps that power the beet farm where Flannery, Baker, and Liberstein work.

The ad may not be what fans of The Office were hoping for, but it still marks a somewhat humorous reunion of stars from the hit TV show.

Originally, it was reported that the project would come in the form of a three-part commercial, but at this point there’s no indication of any further content other than today’s video.

Watch the “Farm Time” ad below and let us know what you think of it down in the comments. The video is also available on the “Beet Lord” website.

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