FileMaker Stories June 17

Apple subsidiary Claris this week released a new update for FileMaker, its cross-platform relational database software. FileMaker 19.5 includes support for new JSON functions, as well as security improvements and overall enhancements.

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FileMaker Stories June 23, 2021

Apple subsidiary Claris adds Apple Silicon support, Microsoft Edge integration, and significant server enhancements to FileMaker

FileMaker has had an amazing history seeing its first release back in April of 1985. Apple formed Claris in the late 1980s, and it eventually purchased the company that owned FileMaker. Today, FileMaker continues its history of strong releases with FileMaker 19.3 with Apple Silicon support, Microsoft Edge integration, and significant server enhancements.

FileMaker Stories May 20, 2020

Claris, the Apple subsidiary formerly known as FileMaker, has today announced the next-generation of its low-code FileMaker platform. FileMaker 19 will enable developers to build custom applications while integrating with third-party libraries for the first time.

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FileMaker Stories November 18, 2019

Apple subsidiary Claris launches beta of Connect automation platform for third-party apps

Claris, the Apple subsidiary formerly known as FileMaker, has announced the beta launch of its new Claris Connect platform. According to the company, Claris Connect allows powerful integration with third-party apps and services to help businesses automate workflows.

FileMaker Stories August 6, 2019

Apple subsidiary FileMaker has announced today that it is rebranding to Claris, a name that likely sounds familiar if you’ve been an Apple user since the early days. While the core FileMaker product will remain the same, the company itself is changing its name to Claris International.

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FileMaker Stories January 16, 2018

Earlier this month, we reported on what fans of The Office had originally believed to be a spin-off revival, noting that it actually looked like something involving Apple. Today, that project has officially been released in the form of an ad for Apple subsidiary FileMaker…

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FileMaker Stories May 12, 2015


Apple subsidiary FileMaker today introduced version 14, the first major update since 2013, of its popular iOS and Mac-based platform, which includes the FileMaker Pro, Go, and Server software suites. This new version focuses on separate enhancements for speed across the different software versions, with the Mac and Windows applications gaining improved features for productivity, and the iOS Go apps for iPad and iPhone receiving end-to-end redesigns for iOS 8. Below, we break down the most significant new features for the Pro, Go, and Server versions.

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FileMaker Stories February 5, 2014

Apple subsidiary FileMaker passes 1 million downloads of iOS app on App Store

Apple subsidiary FileMaker announced today that it has reached over 1,000,000 downloads on the App Store of its FileMaker Go database management app. The news follows the release of FileMaker 13 in December, which came alongside a streamlined iOS companion app for iPhone and iPad with new features including barcode scanning, native iOS behaviors, gesture-based navigation and much more.

“Businesses are using the FileMaker Platform to create solutions that manage everything from sales contacts and inventory to medical data on iPad and iPhone,” said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc. “With the recent launch of FileMaker 13, customers will find it easier than ever to design innovative mobile solutions.”

The FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone App is part of FileMaker’s comprehensive lineup of desktop, server and iOS software for creating custom business solutions that run on iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and web browsers. The FileMaker 13 Platform includes expanded support for native iOS behaviors  (such as popovers and slide controls) and new features (such as bar code scanning) that speed data capture on iPad and iPhone. FileMaker Go is now a single app for both iPad and iPhone.

The latest version of FileMaker Pro 13 is available through Apple for $329 (on Amazon as low as $280) and the FileMaker Go app for iPhone and iPad is on the App Store for free.

FileMaker Stories December 3, 2013


Filemaker, a subsidiary of Apple, has just announced its 2013 version of its popular database application. The new version focuses on bringing desktop database solutions to the browser. New in Filemaker ’13, projects can now be managed through a centralized web dashboard, with options for partner portals and file hosting. More importantly, data entry can now be taken in a web interface — HTML5 powered forms enable businesses to manage their deployments on any PC or Mac, as there is no longer a reliance on having the native applications installed.

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FileMaker Stories December 11, 2012

Apple’s FileMaker Inc announces 500K downloads for FileMaker Go iPhone and iPad apps

Update: 2013 FileMaker Developer Conference registration now open.

Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc. announced today that its FileMaker Go iPhone and iPad apps have surpassed 500,000 downloads. FileMaker’s Vice President of Marketing and Services, Ryan Rosenberg, said the milestone “demonstrates FileMaker’s position as a leading platform for development and deployment of custom business solutions for iOS,” noting businesses are using FileMaker to “manage everything from sales contacts to medical information on iPads and iPhones.”

FileMaker Pro 12 for iPad

FileMaker Pro 12 for iPhone

FileMaker’s full press release below:

FileMaker Stories April 4, 2012

Apple subsidiary FileMaker releases new version of its flagship product, makes iOS version free

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Apple subsidiary FileMaker has announced a new version of their flagship software product, FileMaker 12, with new database creation tools and themes. The Mac version of FileMaker 12 gain improved 64 bit support as well as wide area network support, enhance support for large databases, and add fast file and multimedia-content streaming. Database and project creation are now easier and faster with new and more intuitive themes on the Mac. The most important addition to the product is its more streamlined interface for creating interfaces that run on iPads, iPhones, and iPod touches. Additionally, a new iOS device application is available for free. The app takes many features from the desktop product but is mostly used to run Mac-created databases. The Mac and iOS apps work in tandem.

The full press release is after the break.

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FileMaker Stories January 3, 2012

Apple subsidiary FileMaker ships 1M units of Bento database software

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Apple subsidiary FileMaker Inc., just announced they shipped over 1 million units of Bento, their personal database tool currently available for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Originally released in 2008, Bento is now available in seven languages with dedicated clients for iPhone and iPad ($4.99) that sync with Bento for Mac currently available on the Mac App Store for $49.99.

Vice President of Marketing and Services for FileMaker, Inc., Ryan Rosenberg said the following in a statement:

“Bento’s elegance has led to sales of more than a million units, meeting the needs of customers ranging from ranchers and mobile dentists to personal trainers and rock bands. With Bento on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac it’s easy to organize your contacts, track projects, plan events and manage just about anything.”

The full press release is available after the break.

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FileMaker Stories March 16, 2011

Bento 4 released with label printing, voice memos, geolocation and more

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Mac database application Bento has been updated with several noteworthy features and made its Mac App Store debut. Additionally, companion iPhone and iPad apps, each costing five bucks, have been enhanced with support for Bento 4 for Mac and the ability to record voice memos and sync iCal tasks. Mac folks who own a previous Bento version can upgrade for just $29 with a $20 instant rebate upgrade and newcomers are free to download Bento 4 from the Mac App Store for fifty bucks. Here’s a quick rundown of the new stuff.

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