tvOS 12 developer beta 4 is now available for Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K. tvOS 12 includes expanded audio format support, app sign-on improvements, updates to Aerial screensavers, and more.

New in tvOS 12

When tvOS 12 is officially released later this year, Apple TV will gain Dolby Atmos audio support with compatible movie purchases upgraded for free in iTunes; new screensavers of Earth shot from the International Space Station; the ability to swipe between locations with Aerial screensavers; the ability to tap and see where screensavers were filmed; zero sign-on for supported Internet service providers when using the same ISP and cable service for automatically signing in to compatible apps; and more.

In betas 2 and 3, this is what we saw:

  • 2: Dolby Atmos support now included: Settings → Video and Audio → Surround Sound → Spatial Audio: Dolby Atmos On
  • 2: No sign of space screensavers yet or tap to see locations in beta yet
  • 3: Settings → Video and Audio → Surround Sound → Spatial Audio: Dolby Atmos On <– beta 2, now it’s Voice and Audio → Immersive Audio: Dolby Atmos On/Off
  • 3: Tap to see screen saver location now works on ‘Passing Downtown Los Angeles’ but not others

New in Beta 4?

Apple released the first tvOS 12 beta shortly after the WWDC keynote, but some of the new features aren’t testable yet. tvOS 12 users can access the screensaver swipe feature, see labels for some locations, and see Dolby Atmos settings, but other features were not included in earlier betas.

We’ll check out tvOS 12 beta 4 and update to highlight any changes included. Also share tips at tips@9to5mac or and on Twitter @9to5mac and @apollozac.

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