Apple’s latest MacBook Air landed last fall sporting a Retina display with 300 nits brightness. Now, Apple has updated its tech specs page for the notebook listing.

As spotted by Reddit user cheesepuff07 (via MacRumors) Apple quietly updated the display brightness specification for the Retina MacBook Air. Until recently, the notebook’s display had a maximum brightness of 300 nits with it now being listed at 400 nits.

MR confirmed with Apple that the change came along with the macOS 10.14.4 update. However, the release notes were vague and didn’t explicitly mention the brightness increase when the update rolled out last month.

Corrects the default screen brightness for MacBook Air (Fall 2018).

Along with the Retina display, the 2018 MacBook Air made the switch to USB-C ports, features Touch ID, improved RAM and storage options, and more. Check out our detailed comparison here and full review below.

Are you seeing a noticeable change in your MacBook Air display brightness since the 10.14.4 macOS update? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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