Apple is experiencing issues with most of its iCloud services today. Users are having trouble signing into iCloud and accessing their accounts, along with Photos, Mail, Backup, Find My Friends, Contacts, Calendars, and more seeing downtime. Apple Stores are also reportedly affected by the outage and not currently able to process transactions.

Update: Almost all of Apple’s iCloud and other services that saw downtime are back up and running with the exception of Calendars, Contacts, and Reminders still affected by the outage.

Many users have shared the issues with iCloud today on Twitter. Apple’s system status page is noting the downtime across almost all of its iCloud services, including problems signing in and accessing accounts as “ongoing.”

Almost every iCloud service is currently labeled with the issue “Users may be experiencing a problem with this service.”

Because of how widespread the issues are across Apple’s services, many applications will be affected, including developer tools and third-party apps.

One user who was trying to get her iPhone fixed at an Apple Store was told that the outage is nationwide.

Other users are confirming that the outage is preventing Apple Stores from being able to complete transactions, and could even be a worldwide issue.

Apple Pay is also affected for some users with the downtime not allowing to them make purchases or edit their Apple Pay cards.

With Find My Friends and Find My Phone suffering from the outage, some users won’t be able to locate friends and family, play a sound on their device, wipe, or put it in Lost Mode.

Here’s a look at all the iCloud services seeing downtime at the time of writing.

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