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Tips and Tricks Stories May 5, 2011

How to fix Sync Services issue to wirelessly sync Outlook calendar with iOS devices using Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac

As of today, MobileMe stopped using Sync Services, Apple’s own platform for data synchronization between your programs and supported devices. As we pointed out, this has affected recently released Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 which relied on the platform to sync Outlook calendar with your iPhone. As a result, Mac people must physically […]

Tips and Tricks Stories November 23, 2010

Reader tips: Extending AirPlay, AirPrint support

We know it was possible to print to non-HP printers at some point during the iOS 4.2 beta testing process, equally we also know that it was possible to use AirPlay on an iPhone 3G and a second-generation iPod touch. These uses disappeared, but trust to the ever inventive Mac dev community to figure out […]

Tips and Tricks Stories August 19, 2011

Hello from Big Nerd Ranch!

[Editors note: Big Nerd Ranch has sponsored two posts on 9to5mac allowing readers to go to Nerd Camp for free] Hello, 9to5mac readers. It is a privilege and honor to be invited to provide a few guest blog postings for 9to5mac. I imagine the following has been a common experience of many of you: you […]

Tips and Tricks Stories September 21, 2011

$49 MacUpdate bundle ends today, Toast, Data Rescue, FX Studio, more…

From Ending today, MacUpdate’s latest $49.99 Mac software bundle is headlined by Roxio’s Toast Titanium optical disc authoring tools (which retails for $100 by itself), the bundle includes Data Rescue (fix corrupt drives – also over $100), FX Studio Pro 2 (we reviewed v1 here) photo effects as well as seven other useful applications and one nice bonus… Details […]

Tips and Tricks Stories June 2, 2011

Help: How to make a Lion Client into a Lion Server

Simply add a few bucks (to the Mac App Store) to get the “”.  Apparently that’s all you need according to this screenshot from Lion Help. (via Hardmac).  No word on exactly how much the costs (we’re thinking a few hundred?) or how much Lion itself will cost for that matter.  We’ll know soon, though.

Tips and Tricks Stories June 7, 2011

Exploit found to bypass iOS 5 activation allowing non-developers to install

Before we even start, obviously this is something that isn’t covered by warranty and may destroy your phone.  Once you go to iOS 5, you cant go back. APPLE WILL LIKELY FIX THIS IN AN UPCOMING iOS 5 UPDATE AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO USE YOUR DEVICE (until iOS 5 final is released or a developer […]

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