When looking into purchasing an Apple Watch, or really any other technological device, you’ll have no problems finding a plethora of reviews, most of which are conducted by individuals from tech companies, or individuals who review tech for a living. What you won’t find is a ton of reviews conducted by individuals who aren’t well seasoned reviewers and haven’t had their hands on multiple devices of the same general function from various companies and platforms. For this reason, I’m here to provide my experiences as a regular consumer with the Apple Watch.

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Most in depth reviews swimming around the web are produced by a network of ‘pros’ who often deal with technology for a living. An article at time.com reports that by mid-June, 2.8 million Apple Watches have been sold. Fact of the matter is, there aren’t 2.8 million tech reviewers out there. This leaves the bulk of all sold devices in the hands (or, on the wrists) of consumers, not ‘pros’. Yet, most reviews you find on the web from these normal consumers are often vague, and don’t produce a lot of insight.

I’m not saying tech reviewers don’t produce extremely useful and valuable content; they do that no doubt.

But what I am saying is that there isn’t much extremely useful and valuable content created by entry-level consumers. Furthermore, much of the content produced by ‘pros’ cover the same general topics over and over again, producing a high level of redundancy. Moreover, most of them have had their hands on multiple devices that put similar function on the table. This gives them the edge in that they have comparison points. Many consumers don’t.

I’ll say it again. Not bad; just too ‘professional’, if you will.

I personally have never worn a smartwatch of any kind, other than my NIKE FuelBand, which, in my opinion, should not count as a smartwatch (another story for another time). For me, this creates an open ended opportunity to provide my first ever account with encountering a smartwatch. Which, in my personal opinion, would have been a very useful set of information going into my purchase.


Nike+ FuelBand SE

So here’s the plan.

Last night at around 9:30 PM, I ordered a 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray. The expected shipment time for my particular device is around 1-2 weeks. I have received no further word from Apple on what my actual delivery timeframe will be. When I eventually receive my device, I will provide detailed, periodic accounts of my experiences with the watch. These accounts will cover anything and everything I find notable about the watch or the experiences it creates. Once I cover the first week or two with device (or whatever I see fit) and adequately record my initial impressions, I will discontinue regular updates. Then, after the 30, 60, and/or 90 day mark, I will present my longer term impressions. This will cover absolutely everything I’ve encountered, including my own personal notes that weren’t previously covered, and more minute details. However, until I receive the watch, I plan to post one or two articles covering my expectations and hopes for the device, as well as why I chose my device in particular.

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Apple Watch Sport in Space Gray

My plan for these reviews is to blend my lack of prior experience in the field with my plethora of interest technology in order to produce a potential new take and perspective on the Apple Watch Sport.

(And yes, I will most likely be deploying a LinusTechTips style of naming scheme for these articles, which will be dually posted on the 9to5Mac Community page, as well as my own site, which you can check out here.)

That’s it. Simple enough, right?

But for now, that about wraps it up. Would you be interested in seeing a series like this? If so, is there anything particular that you’d like to see? Be sure to let me know down in the comments below.

As always, thank you for reading and have an awesome day!

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