I noticed many people have asked this question on Apple’s discussion forum.  Yes, it’s different to turn on the closed captioning when playing iTunes movies with iTunes or other idevices, like iPhone, iTouch, Apple TV.  Here I want to provide some tips on this issue.

What’s Closed Captioning (CC)

Closed captioning is a kind of special subtitle, which is designed for the people who can’t hear normally, or the people who need to watch the movies under a muted surrounding.  The closed captioning is usually made with some descriptive texts.

Most iTunes movies we bought or rented contain the full closed captioning. But it’s turned off by default when we playing the movies.  We have to manually turn it on if we need it.  We can also backup our iTunes DRMed movies/TV shows as DRM free MP4 format with closed captioning kept.

Refer to this tutorial: http://tuneskit.com/reviews/save-subtitles-from-itunes-m4v-videos.html

How to Turn on Closed captions on different devices

Part 1. Turn on closed captioning on Mac/PC

1. For Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences, For Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences

2. Click the Playback tab.

3. Enable “Show closed captioning when available.” and click “OK”

Part 2. Turn on Closed Captioning on iPhone/iPad

To enable the Closed captions on your iPhone or iPad, just go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning, then tap the switch next to Closed Captions + SDH.

Part 3. Turn on Closed Captions on Apple TV.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Closed Captions + SDH > Style. You can also choose one of the predefined styles: Default, Large Text, or Classic.


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