My opinion on Apple vs. Android/Windows

Dear reader,

I could not resist any more to write a little article about my opinion about on what is all happening at this moment to technology. I am not here to start a flame or anything, i would just like to know how many people do agree with me or maybe disagree.

i will tell you a short story about myself. Being 16 ( like 7/8 years ago) and buy my first own phone i bought an Sony Ericsson k800I. It took amazing photo’s and i was happy with my phone. Than i bought my first mistake, because i liked this phone so much i bought the upgraded version Sony Ericsson K850I. I was bad, the phone had 5 mp instead of 3.2 and it took shit pictures.

a few months later my brother bought an Iphone 3gs. Later on i saw that he used that phone 5,5 years because i did not even feel like purchasing a new phone. A was shocked when i saw the thing, what an upgrade was that! I wanted that two and i bought my first ipod touch. An amazing device and I used it a few years.

Now the time came that my contract ended I made an even bigger mistake purchasing a Samsung galaxy Si9000. I used the phone a lot by playing music to school and back and playing games while in the 1,5 hours busdrive. The thing would just last until i was almost home and because i was used to my ipod i regretted the purchase.

I did not like the interface allot and started tweaking the whole thing which eventually got me thinking, like what am i doing? I just bought a phone and i don’t like… almost everything about it.. which brings me to my story which i wanted to tell you all.




Why do Samsung users need space to freely tweak everything to there liking? Why do you want to make big changes in your system and make it different than you started of with? I think you want to change your products system because you are not satisfied with the product which thou actually bought.



As i look to an samsung product i see something that could have potential but they just don’t do it right. Like that samsung galaxy S3 my cousin had, I asked her like ohh that thing has that function that i you read an article it follows your eyes so you don’t have to scroll, do you use it allot? No i always have a hair in front o my face so it suddenly start going everywhere so i don’t use it. I am like huh common its there but it does not even work. Same thing with the fingerprint scanner, they totally steal the whole thing from apple and if i look up videos it only works 50% of the times.



I feel like Apple is the only operating system that is not a total magnet for viruses and mallware. I look around and find allot of articles where android is AGAIN being told that they have security issues. Same goos for windows XP, I mean common what if you just bought a new license for XP? Apple still supports his first laptops.. and also i am doing my financials on that operating system, dear god i would never ever trust a android system or windows anymore. If i am going through the web and not even download stuff i can already get mallware on my PC? I mean i can be really short about this. YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM IS WORTHLESS!



Apple is so expensive and you pay for the name!! All the samsung lovers shout this all around the internet. Now I will tell you why i think they never ever touched a good product which name is Apple.

Now i would like to compare something, my girlfriend has a laptop from around €700 which indeed is cheap compared to an macbook air of around €1200.

BUT +  I need office €139 + I need Anti – virus €60 each year

That already brings the laptop to ca. €900 but wait the new windows release, i mean you got to stay updated right + €119,99 = €1100

Now this is not even all, off course the battery of that piece of plastic is only max 3 hours and i forgot to mention that the thing is only 1,5 years old and already looks like a train hit the thing. In other words she needs a new one! let us compare this to the macbook air.

Oh lets see a virusscanner? Don’t need to! Upgrade your operating system? Why pay? its FREE! Battery? Pff at least 10 to 11 hours! Office? Common i’ll use iwork which even replaces the office 365 which costs €99 a YEAR!!

And you are still telling me Apple is expensive not to mention the crap windows is trying to push down people throat when they buy a new laptop with windows 8? It is already getting hard to find a normal windows 7 laptop!

I mean what the *@&*@*?


Last but not least Fifth


I just almost had to throw up when i saw the most famous and android loved “The next big thing is here add”. If I was, I repeat :), if I was would feel so ashamed to be an samsung user. Making an add comparing your own pieces of plastic against a company where you copied ALL your divices from? Smartphone, watch, tablets.. i mean where does the copy and paste end?


That was all for now:) please reply to this if you see it in a different way or even if you want to add more please do so! I am currently a VERY happy Apple user with an ipad 2, iphone 5 (soon to be replaced by a 6!) and an the newest model of imac 21inch model. I Will never ever go back to a standard pc. I am sometimes still forced to use windows for games but otherwise I will not go back to the stuff that windows calls an operating system.

Once again I do not want to hurt anyones feelings (If there are even any android/windows users on this website^^) Greetings from Holland, Kind regards,





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