voice memos are a great way to quickly capture some ideas and send them to your own or someone else’s mailbox. Unfortunately this usually requires a lot of steps until you are done. Until now. 4Memo provides you with a workflow that uses the least possible steps in order to record a voice memo and send it to whoever you want.

Just enter up to four recipients to which you can send your voice memo as quick as possible. Those recipients will appear as big, easy-to-hit buttons on the app’s main screen. After recording a memo, just hit the respective contact button and the voice memo will be attached to a prepopulated, ready-to-send email. Just on more tap on “Send” and the message is on its way. On iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus you can even start a recording right from your home screen, thanks to 3D Touch.

We developed 4Memo with privacy in mind. Therefore, there is no data transmitted to our servers. The recording and processing of the voice memo is completely and solely done on the iPhone. The email is sent via the mail account which is configured on the device. This means that it is sent solely through the servers of the email provider of the user’s choice, just like any other email that is sent through the iPhone’s mail app. This makes the final tap on “Send” necessary but it also makes sure that all data stays in in the user’s hands all the time.

I think 4Memo can be a big helper for a lot of people. It would be cool if you could spread the word and tell the world about it.

4Memo is available worldwide for $0.99.

If you have any questions about 4Memo, please let me know.

Best regards, Florian Schimanke

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