iOS 7 beta 7 (final beta) to be released today? (update: doesn’t look like it)

According to BGR, Apple will release the seventh and final beta version of iOS 7 to developers today. The release, like most of the past seeds, is said to arrive around 1 PM EST/10 AM PST.

This new build is said to include a “much higher” build number than previous releases, and this typically means that many under-the-hood changes could have occurred between previous betas and this new beta.

BGR, which previously reported that iOS 7 beta 6 would arrive this week, notes that the mix-up in information is unsurprisingly due to the iOS 7 beta 6 quick-fix for iTunes in the Cloud last week. It seems that the iOS 7 beta 7 that could come today was originally planned to be a sixth (and final) beta. A golden master seed is expected in September.

Update: iFun recently reported that its sources say there will be no more betas for iOS 7 until a GM is released at next month’s event. The site has been correct on beta releases in the past and tells us the info comes from a reliable source.