Apple officially confirms three-quarters of iDevices now running iOS 7

A few days after Fiksu showed how much better iOS is than Android when it comes to allowing older devices to upgrade to to the latest operating system, and most analytics companies were reporting iOS 7 penetration of around three-quarters of devices, Apple has updated its developer site to show that iOS 7 penetration is at 74 percent.

Apple’s data is likely the most reliable, based on visits to the App Store during a 7-day period ending on 1st December. iOS 7 adoption was incredibly fast, helped by record opening weekend sales of the new iPhones, and has grown a further¬†10 percent in the past two months.

The numbers are in sharp contrast to Android, where the latest KitKat version (Android 4.4) is at just 1.1 percent and the previous 4.3 version of Jelly Bean at just 4.2 percent.