Digitimes: iPad 5 on for September while Apple still considers Retina iPad mini with even slimmer bezel

In a new report, the hit-or-miss Digitimes shares some very unsurprising details about the next full-sized iPad: a slimmer bezel design and a single LED light tube to power the display. Back in January, we posted photos of shells for the next full-sized iPad, making claims of a slimmer, iPad-mini like bezel unsurprising.

As for a single LED light tube, the current fourth-generation iPad uses two tubes, and this makes the device slightly thicker overall than the preceding iPad design found in the iPad 2. It seems somewhat obvious that Apple would need to reduce the amount of lighting internals in order to reach a thinner form-factor.

While Digitimes shares some unsurprising tidbits, the site also shares some unrealistic claims: the new report says the fifth-generation iPad will include a larger viewing area and better battery life. In terms of a larger viewing area, we feel that it is unlikely that the iPad’s screen size will grow in this new fifth-generation model. If Apple were to ever make a larger iPad, it seems probable that this would be an entirely new model. It also seems likely that the Digitimes report is referring to the ratio of the 9.7-inch screen size to the overall face of the product due to the slimmer bezel. In that regard, yes, the iPad 5 will feature a larger viewing area than previous iPads with thicker front faces.

As for improved battery life, Digitimes, in the past, has mixed up new battery chemistry with end-results. For instance, the third and fourth generation iPads need much larger and versatile battery systems in order to power the high-resolution Retina display. Digitimes, before the third-generation iPad launched, correctly indicated that the new iPad would sport improved batteries. However, the iPad still gets 10 hours as the bigger batteries balance out with the new pixels. Perhaps a similar situation will occur with this next-generation iPad.

Nontheless, the site says the next iPad is on for September with production inching closer:

Although suppliers have not yet received a firm mass production schedule from Apple and are mainly shipping products for pilot production, the sources pointed out that pilot production is already able to satisfy demand for the initial launch. Therefore, the sources expect Apple to give its shipment estimates at the end of July or early August.

However, the iPad mini’s features seem a bit less certain: