Logitech’s new Case+ accessory suite aims to make your iPhone more versatile than ever

Logitech’s new Case+ allows iPhone users to take advantage of several different accessories without having to go through the trouble of prying off and installing new hardware every time a different need arises.

This modular system utilizes the Case+ as a foundation, to which three versatile accessories magnetically attach. The included accessories are as follows:

  • +tilt a kickstand and cord keeper
  • +energy to double your iPhone’s battery life
  • +drive car window/dashboard mount

Logitech believes Case+ strikes a perfect balance of style and function:

Our new collection helps people customize their smartphone to make the most of it in any situation, whether at home, in the car or on the go. And, each solution is designed to fit seamlessly into your mobile lifestyle and look good.

The metal plate on the back side of Case+ is not only paramount to creating a strong magnetic connection, but also helps to protect the iPhone from bumps and drops.

The Case+ Module System is now available for preorder ($199.99) and is expected to begin shipping later this month. Use the coupon code logisave5 at checkout to save $5 on your order.

Full press release and product videos follow: