Apple Watch Edition won’t be the most expensive smartwatch on the market

With informed speculation suggesting that the price of the Apple Watch Edition will be somewhere in the $6-10,000 range, you might think that would easily make it the most expensive smartwatch on the market. But no: luxury watchmaker Hoptroff makes a mechanical gold smartwatch for £14,400 ($21,700)–and the platinum model works out to a cool $54,000.

Functionality may be limited, but it’s genius design. It syncs with your iPhone to access your calendar data, then one dial points to the time of your next appointment while another points to the first letter of the appointment title–for example, the name of the person you’re meeting. Delightfully clever, if perhaps questionable in usability.

Of course, for $54k you don’t just get a standard alphabet for those letters, that would be common. Each client gets a bespoke arrangement of the letters on the top dial.

And don’t worry, you’ll have a little time to save up. A mere 25% deposit will reserve your Hoptroff No.8 Diary Watch, and you’ll have three months to save up for the balance while the company makes it for you.

We should learn more about the Apple Watch Edition–and its cheaper siblings–on Monday.