Steve Jobs personal items including his wallet (with his yearly salary in it!), 2 iMacs and 3 iPads returned after theft

We told you earlier about the burglary at Steve Jobs’ home this past month. The Daily reports on the items missing and the suspect.

Wearing work gloves, McFarlin set down lawn furniture cushions outside the perimeter of the home in order to safely toss his take including: two iMacs, three iPads, one Apple TV, a Sodastream soda maker and various Tiffany jewels before fleeing away in his car.

The jewelry McFarlin lifted was the bulk of the heist’s value, totaling nearly all of the $60,000 in value. Jobs’ wallet, including credit cards and $1 (his famous yearly salary), was also part of the heist.  Laurene Powell Jobs was staying nearby while the renovations were being done.

The suspect, McFarlin, did not seem to realize he was in Jobs’ home. McFarlin said he was in dire straits with money and “he was desperate.”

McFarlin told cops that he had been living in his car and had chanced upon the abandoned Jobs home while sleeping on the street there. He decided it would be the target of his first burglary. Before the heat was on, the novice McFarlin quickly Googled how to fence the jewelry.

He was caught when trying to plug in the Apple equipment and the devices “called home” for software updates.