Back in late October we reported that PhotoFast began producing 256GB SSD upgrade kits for Apple’s latest MacBook Air lineup. PhotoFast’s third-party SSD upgrade for the new MacBook Airs read and write at 250MB/s while Apple’s included SSD runs at between 150MB/s and 160MB/s. Now, according to a source close to the company, Apple contacted PhotoFast last week and had them stop all production of their new MacBook Air SSD upgrades.

PhotoFast is complying with Apple’s request for them to stop production of the product and one of the leading reasons for this is because PhotoFast is in Apple’s MFi program. This means they are licensed by Apple to create accessories for Apple products (they don’t want to lose the license). There is still a chance that production will resume by PhotoFast is holding back until they get the thumbs up from Apple. This is not the first time Apple has asked a company to cease sale of products. Two recent high profile incidents have involved the Meizu iPhone lookalike and the HyperMac Apple notebook chargers.

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