‘It’s not a good party unless you run out of beer,’ says TWC in regards to the loss of channels in the iPad app today.  They deny outages are being caused by programmers who could have pulled their content even though some are reportedly upset.

It appears that it actually isn’t the streaming load that is buckling the servers, but the authentication servers according to a blog post by Time Warner Cable’s Jeff Simmermon:

Our engineering team is working as hard as they can to put a fix in place and get everything up and running as soon as they can. For the time being, the app is running with only 15 channels. We have found that by temporarily reducing the number of available channels, we can ease strain on the authentication process. This will enable us to offer at least some sort of an experience to our customers while we get a fix in place. We’ll add the other 17 channels back in as soon as we can fix the underlying issue, and we’ll be adding more channels in future iterations of the app as well.

If you are offering cable content on the iPad, you better buy more than a few kegs.

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