In May, Logitech announced nice Bluetooth accessories for iPad and today the company outed two new products, one aimed at gamers and the other for users who want their tablet to be more – you know – notebook-like, with real keyboard and stuff. The first, the suction cup joystick, sounds like a great idea, but we have doubts that this thing can sit on iPad’s 9.7-inch display long enough during intense action games. Also bear in mind its lack of textured grip and a seamless surface. Logitech argues the coiled spring provides force feedback that automatically returns the joystick to the center position.

At $20 a pop, who could complain? Engadget got a chance to play a round of Pac-Man using this thingie (video below the fold) and we suspect any game with on-screen sticks should lend itself well to this gaming accessory. The fold-up keyboard, another Bluetooth accessory, connects wirelessly to your iPad and has a built-in stand that props up your iPad in portrait or landscape. The keyboard is full-sized, it charges over USB and automatically turns itself on and off when unfolded/folded. Price? Just $130. Both accessories will hit the U.S. and Europe beginning in September.

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