Following our report that Apple blew away Black Friday sales forecasts by 7PM, accounting for their biggest sales day of all time, research firm comScore (via All Things D) is backing up the report by placing Apple at #5 among the most visited online retailers on Black Friday. While noting that Apple is “nipping at Target’s heels,” ComScore’s Andrew Lipsman had this to say:

 “Apple has not historically been in the top five — in fact, this is the first time I can remember… Even though Apple does not provide the selection of products that you might find at a big box retailer, it is obviously top of mind when it comes to the most in-demand products, like the iPhone and iPad. Two of the biggest growth sectors right now are tablets and digital content downloads, and obviously Apple is extremely well positioned on both fronts.”

In case you’re wondering, comScore’s research includes iTunes sales as well, including apps, videos, and any other digital content. Beating out Apple, starting at #1, is Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Target. ComScore’s research of course doesn’t include Apple’s 200+ brick-and-mortar stores that also offered some of the company’s lowest ever Black Friday discounts. Apple today announced free shipping on all U.S. orders through December 22 (restrictions for international orders), which provides yet more encouragement for online shoppers leading up to the holidays. Perhaps we will continue to see more aggressive seasonal sales from the company going forward.

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