Vine has released an update to its iPhone app today that its calling its biggest yet following the release of Instagram’s competitive video feature last month. The update brings the app up to version 1.3 and introduces 15 new channels for different categories of content that users can submit and browse, a new protected accounts feature, and a number of new camera features.

Vine made a blog post today announcing the update and highlighting some of the new features. Among the more notable is new grid, focus, and ghost tools for capturing video, the ability to “revine” other users’ posts with a single tap, and a new protected posts feature:

The new protected accounts option, which will also be arriving for Android users later today, brings the ability to select which specific users will be able to see your posts on a post by post basis.

Protected Posts: Most Vine posts are public, which means they can be viewed, discovered and shared by anyone on Vine. If you want more control over who can see your posts, you can now protect your posts, which means only the people you approve to follow you can see them. And of course, if you choose to share one of your protected posts to Twitter or Facebook, then it will also be viewable on the web.

As for the new channels that users can both submit content to and browse, Vine explained channels such as comedy, music and nature will be available from the Explore tab “each with their own theme and Popular feed.”

Head below for a full list of what’s new:

The new features are iOS only for now, but protected posts will hit Android later today and the other features sometime next week.

What’s New in Version 1.3

This update to Vine is our biggest yet!

Browse or submit your posts to 15 new channels — from Comedy, Art & Experimental, to Cats, and more

Discover new and interesting Viners right from your Explore screen

Share your favorite posts with all your followers on Vine in one tap

Shoot with style using the new focus, grid, and ghost tools

Allow only people you approve to follow you and view your posts

Also in this update:

• Fixed an issue that caused the camera to focus unnecessarily while recording
• Improved cache control and less disk space usage
• Faster search for hashtags and people you mention frequently
• Crash fixes and other miscellaneous improvements

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