Following the release of the initial iOS 7 betas, users and developers discovered that the new operating system blocks one of the critical Snapchat features – screenshot detection.

With iOS 7 beta 4, Apple has introduced a screenshot detection API. This won’t be included in Snapchat until the developers work in the new API and beta 4 is released. It’ll also be interesting to see how other developers use this API for their own non-snapchat friends.

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.08.43 AM

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5 Responses to “Snapchat will be glad: iOS 7 beta 4 introduces new screenshot detection API”

  1. FYI: notice the word “did” in “uiapplicationuserdidtakescreenshotnotification”. Snapchat won’t be able to use this to prevent a screenshot but they can only use this to notify the other user that a screenshot has been taken.


  2. It will always be possible to make a screenshot of snapchat…just use another camera to take the picture and done you have a “screenshot”. Btw, I don’t have a snapchat account in case you are wondering…


  3. Evan Moore says:

    there goes all the ‘words with friends’ apps that allow you to cheat by taking a snap of your game in progress, importing it into the cheater app and solving the your words for you.


  4. bwulfe says:

    A certain New York politico is breathing a huge sigh of relief … does anyone else really care?