A reference to a 128GB version of the iPhone has been listed inside of German retail chain Media Markt’s inventory system, according to Macerkopf. The reference appears to be related to an “iPhone 5″ and a specific SKU code is not listed.

The claim that this could point to a 128GB version of the iPhone is sketchy because it is unclear if these retailers have any inside information from Apple on upcoming product releases.

However, the SKU shot is interesting in light of yesterday’s claim that the next-generation iPhone will come in a 128GB capacity. The reference in Media Markt’s system is said to have surfaced prior to the recent analyst report.

We previously noted in our roundtable of expectations for the new iPhones that the “iPhone 5S” could come in a 128GB option. Apple will hold its iPhone event on September 10th.

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2 Responses to “Sketchy claim of 128GB iPhone SKU in Germany’s ‘Media Markt’ retail chain emerges”

  1. I’d love a 128 GB iPhone!


  2. 128gb Schwarz… I see your Schwarz is as big as mine! Now let’s see how well you handle it! Muah ha ha!

    Anyways, that’s just German for black.