In a new report out today, KGI’s Mingchi Kuo updated his previous predictions for the iPhone 5S due for announcement on September 10th. Notably, he expects:

(1) the new A7, ARMv8 based AP (application processor), featuring a 1GB LPDDR3 RAM chip; (2) a sapphire home button with fingerprint  sensor; (3) main camera unchanged with 8MP, but featuring a larger F2.0 aperture with dual flash lights; (4) new option for golden casing; and (5) new option for 128GB storage.

We’ve heard the Sapphire fingerprint reading home button previously from Kuo and the A7 is the natural successor to the A6 and will likely be a 64-bit processor. The 1GB RAM seems in line with previous predictions but that 1GB of RAM will be faster according to Kuo:

We reckon A7 will upgrade memory bandwidth spec to LPDDR3 from LPDDR2 adapted by A6, in an effort to improve system performance. Since Apple is in charge of both hardware  and OS design, it is capable of minimalizing memory capacity at an optimized state. Therefore, A7’s RAM will likely be unchanged at 1GB.

However, the Gold option is something that has been only heard of in more sketchy rumors until now. Additionally, we discussed the 128GB option in our roundtable quite a bit yesterday. The iPad got a 128GB option this spring and the option on the iPhone would be a big differentiator for power users.

We’ve also heard the upgrade on the camera would include an F2.0 aperture with dual flashes but have heard a variety of megapixel options including 12 and 13. As with previous ‘S’ models, this one would be able to take dramatically better pictures, especially in low light situations.

Kuo doesn’t believe that there will be NFC capabilities in the iPhone 5S.

All told, Kuo expects Apple to sell 35M iPhone 5S units in 2013 (not including previous models and the lower cost iPhone 5C) as long as sapphire fingerprint reader manufacturers can keep up with demand.

Kuo’s record on parts predictions is good (timing notwithstanding) and these predictions should be taken seriously.

Mockups via MartinHajek.com, more here.

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10 Responses to “Analyst predicts iPhone 5S with Gold option, larger F2.0 aperture camera and 128GB high-end”

  1. I think the aperture is 2.8 current, so not a huge change. Increase to f1.4 and you really have a low light camera!

    Apple would not do a Gold model like a Pro phone would they? Increased processor speed, more ram, and the larger storage? Sounds as much unlike Apple as a gold phone : )


    • mkimid says:

      One stop means double speed of frames can be possible under the same light condition. They need the brighter lens for the high speed video capture and improve the low right photo even it is small changes


  2. mkimid says:

    Kuo makes a good records but he also has many of wrong information also. Anyway, he has much higher rate than the others.
    The lens should be brighter why ? To support the high speed recording.


  3. rettun1 says:

    As I read this on my iPhone, I tried to swipe my thumb over the home button. There isn’t a very comfy way to do it, plus I accidentally touch the bottom of the screen. I hope there is more to it than that


    • PMZanetti says:


      1. Pick Up iPhone
      2. Press Home Button with Thumb.
      3. Phone unlocks and home screen flies in.

      This is the experience of the Apple-designed fingerprint authentication for unlocking and passcode use.


  4. Now all we now what really Carl Icahn ask to Tim Cook, a gold platted iPhone. There are many kitsch reach in the planet, the finest of them dream gold iPhone. Oprah, you are connected?


  5. mkimid says:

    Some technical qustions, in the report, if Apple use ARMv8 at A7 process with 28nm, it is effective ? I have known as 20nm will be needed for ARM v8 to get the full benefit. and, ARMv8 is th 64bit processor. it means, iOS 7 will be complied for 64bit host with 32bit/64bit guest application ? I feel, iOS 7 is not ready to change the whole archtechture yet. if just use, 32bit host/guest, what is the benefit ? in fact, little bit confused at this point. if iOS 7 is an 64bit host, the developer should prepare the multiple binary in the package for v7 and v8. but, I can not find any evidences. Actually, the latest AP has v7 with VFPv4 for Android OS yet.
    I am pretty sure A7 procdessor will be made with 28nm. and, it means, PowerVR 6 core can be integrated.
    Maybe PVR 6 2/1 core (G62xx) for A7, and 4/2 core (G64xx) for A7x. it will help to reduce the power consumption for the graphic intensive application. it menas, A7 processor will have x3~4 higher graphic performance (practical/effective due to the reduced clock speed) than A6 processor.


  6. The 128gb iPhone / iPad is the only part of this that will most likely happen. The other stuff? Really?


  7. PMZanetti says:

    It should be Gold & Black. The White is hideous.


  8. If the new lineup looks like the picture, I’m buying everyone of the devices!