We’re about three and a half weeks from Apple’s September 10th iPhone event and that means folks are mocking up what they think Apple will present. The most popular subject? The iPhone 5C, which we first mocked up in April. While we don’t necessarily believe some of these mockups below from Martin Hajek represent what Apple will release, they do present interesting fodder for discussion.

Definitely head over to Martinhajek.com for many more and full-sized galleries.

(updated to reflect rightful creator)

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13 Responses to “Some good iPhone 5C packaging/presentation mockups hit the web”

  1. @Seth : Yep, there is some more and credits comes BTW to Martin Hajek http://www.martinhajek.com/portfolio/september-10th/


  2. Those are actually pretty fine mockups. Fair play to the author.


  3. Please… no, just no!


  4. Wassim Gr says:

    Where are you Steve? :/ Look what apple became… A childish color filled company… Where are the premium black and white aluminium classy products? An Apple product has never been cheap and should never be…




  6. RP says:

    I’m not one for bling, but I just may be pimping a gold iPhone for some strange reason come September. A gold tooth too I think….naw just the phone.


  7. Zach Lach says:

    I am just waiting for the low cost iMacs that come in different colors. =(
    And if the 5S is Gold they are going to have to do some serious convincing to why they would do that. Just my opinion of course


  8. Steve Jobs said once “ we don’t ship junks”. If someone could not afford the more recent iPhone he should go with the pervious generation, thats it.