Mailbox, the iOS email app recently acquired by Dropbox, was updated with a few new features today. Among the new additions is Gmail cloud search which allows you to search messages stored on the server but not downloaded to your phone. The ability to set an individual signature for each account—a much-requested feature—was also added, along with an option to open links in Google Chrome.

The update is available now to all users for free.

What’s New in Version 1.5.0

– Cloud Search (now search every message in your Gmail account)
– Account-specific signatures
– Open links in Chrome
– Performance improvements and bug fixes

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4 Responses to “Mailbox updated to version 1.5 with cloud searching, per-account signatures, and more”

  1. hmurchison says:

    I’m really thinking about just going back to the native mail app in iOS 7. As much as I like Mailbox its lack of support for other email vendors and limited views of emails doesn’t quite make up for having to have a 3rd party client. I’ve also tried Dispatch and it just doesn’t feel right either. I’m come to the conclusion that email just isn’t that important of a need for me wrt management.


    • standardpull says:

      Yeah, I definitely like the native Mail app better. Mailbox has some interesting ideas, but its limitations and quirks makes me conclude that Mail is simply a better fit for my needs.


  2. Doug Kreitz says:

    So Mailbox continues to have a pretty good interface, and Boxer (whose interface sucks) supports Exchange (which Mailbox does not). Can we please get a real client that improves on Mail in all the ways required to be good?


  3. PMZanetti says:

    Or you could just use the native Mail app which has had those features for 5 years.

    Seriously, there is no mail client, no web browser, no music player, no messaging, that is anywhere as good as the native apps and this should not be forgotten just because the illusion of “options” exists.