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Apple has given employees in some divisions (including AppleCare) a small gift: a bag (which comes in several different colors) and a small metal flashlight. The reasoning behind the gift is unclear, but it is a nice, small perk nonetheless. A couple of years ago, Apple began giving employees sweaters during the holiday season to keep warm. Other recent Apple employee perks include paid Thanksgiving vacations, free apps, free books, and significant product discounts.

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21 Responses to “Apple employees get small gift: colorful bag & flashlight”

  1. These monkeys are brewing something..


  2. I got an apple blanket and hat in December 2009 right before I quit.


  3. Flashlight for iPhone 5S and Colourful bags for iPhone 5C :P


  4. Yeah, that’ll motivate ’em! ;)


  5. monaarts says:

    Do I see the colors of the iPhone 5C here? ;-)


  6. Hmm…why would they need a flashlight when the iOS 7 flashlight function is so easily accessible…hmm…


  7. but no health insurance for part-time employees? Apple is so cheap. with so much cash too!


  8. This is not uncommon for Apple. I know several people in AppleCare and they get “swag” fairly often. No news here.


  9. Think about an apple store with dimmed lights and these guys making those bags glow with their flashlights. Thats how the 5C and iOS7 will be introduced.


  10. Paul Clark says:

    It goes very nice with my dukes. keep on distributing that confidential information, or has this conversation become inappropriate?”