Two weeks before the rumored September 20 launch of the next generation iPhone(s) and four days before the media event, eager fanboys/publicity-seekers have begun camping out in front of the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York.

The tag team from SellYourMac arrived this morning, but as seen in the picture above, they were actually beat by two others who arrived yesterday. The camp-out times are getting longer and longer for some of the more prominent stores, but as an Arizonan myself – it’s going to be 104° F here today – I don’t think I’ll be following suit at my local store…

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13 Responses to “Campers already lining up at Fifth Avenue Apple Store two weeks before rumored iPhone launch”

  1. Go home fanboys. You’re drunk.


  2. OK…for the first few iPhones, this was cool — because the products were truly revolutionary and the first of their kind…but now it’s starting to get a little old \ ridiculous (camping out in line, not new iDevices of course)…why would someone want to do this other than for fake publicity and to waste time out of their life?


  3. Obviously people who have no jobs or lives. Oh wait, they are just doing it to be…I have no idea why. If it’s to be cool, you are 4 years too late. But hey, they got an article written about them. Which reminds me, how about you guy stop writing about them.


  4. This makes us Apple fans look like gullible brainwashed zombies when really we just appreciate well designed computers. These are the few crazies in our group.


  5. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Why? All the pundits say no one will be upgrading to new iPhones because it’s such a minor upgrade. Besides, rumor has it that all consumers want a large-display smartphone and the iPhone’s display is too tiny to read without causing eyestrain.




  7. They just gonna resell it on Ebay for twice the price.


  8. Len Williams says:

    Read the article and the tweets. These are guys specifically looking to get publicity for their company, SellYourMac, not fanboys, drunk or brainwashed zombies.


  9. Apple should just screw with them by announcing new iPhone will be released in October together with Mavericks.