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Following today’s iPhone and iOS Apple media event, Apple has provided developers with the Golden Master (GM) build of iOS 7. The build is available for iPhone 4 and later, iPad mini, iPad 2 and later, and the 5th-generation iPod touch.

The GM build finally includes some new wallpapers.

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77 Responses to “Apple releases iOS 7 Golden Master to developers”

  1. Can this be done OTA or is it an upgrade via mac?

  2. I assume since it’s GM it’s not OTA correct? Anyone confirm?

  3. OTA not avaliable until now…

  4. Doesn’t seem to be OTA, neither my iPhone nor iPad find any available updates.

  5. Can I install GM version without dev account?

  6. phvme says:

    gm’s never comes ota, you have to restore it via itunes

  7. Apple doesn’t usually post a Golden Master OTA

  8. GM is not done via OTA you need to update manually

  9. No OTA on my iPad Mini & test 4S either. For those who are able to download it, how big is the GM?

  10. I wonder if it contains those announced new ringtones. Can anyone confirm?

  11. Rich Dennis says:

    No OTA; only through developer site download. Full install/restore os back up first…

  12. New dynamic wallpapers as well as stills! And ringtones / alert tones!

  13. Are there any iOS 7 GM mirrors yet?

  14. Some really awesome new alert tones and ringtones from Apple included in the GM. The old tones are sorted under a new folder called “classic” which is located at the bottom of all the new alert tones. They (for the first time since the debut of iPhone) have changed the default alert and ringtones. But don’t worry, you can still choose a custom tone or default back to the old!

  15. Daniel Roa says:

    so im reading on twitter that it requires itunes 11.1 which is only available to devs. am i correct?

  16. danielpox says:

    Can someone link me the file or something?? It just doesn’t show up in my iTunes! And yes, I have a dev device.

  17. phvme says:


  18. Gah without a Mac or PC and I’m on the last beta. I hope the full release on the 18th lets me go from this to it over the air.

  19. Has keychain being removed from iCloud, i cannot see the setting anymore?

  20. Tim Chambers says:

    Reblogged this on Tim Chambers and commented:
    As important as the hardware announced today…

  21. Jason Das says:

    Here are some mirrors for the iOS 7 GM:

  22. did they eliminate keychain from the gm?

  23. dusstin says:

    Unlock sound was removed two betas ago to pave the way for new Touch ID unlock.

  24. once I installed beta release how to update official release? please need help

  25. Jason Das says:

    Word for the wise, learn from my mistake. DO NOT download the GM build to your iPhone if you do not have a Mac computer. You CANNOT restore from backup unless you are on iTunes 11.1 beta 2, which is only available on the Mac. I made that mistake and lost all my stuff until the official version of 11.1 comes out.

    However, one way you could get your stuff back is if you back up to iCloud. I don’t because I have over 35GB’s of pictures and videos, which could take weeks over iCloud, and only after I pay for the extra storage.

    • Jon Doyle says:

      mine still installed on a windows computer. and i have itunes ( not updated )

    • I’m not a dev, i do have a mac, I upgraded both iphone 4s and iphone 5 to their respective golden master files, i didn’t use restore i used update (cmd + update). after the phones were finished, message in itunes says cant use this phone on itunes without 11.1. This is a simple price to pay for a week without syncing to itunes, however STOP GIVING FALSE INFORMATION YOU TWAT. YOU CAN UPDATE TO GM FROM CURRENT ITUNES VERSION PUBLICLY AVAILABLE.

      People who don’t know what they are doing when it comes to updating their iphones with developer releases of ios, shouldn’t try unless they spend some time understanding the issues and the benefits.

  26. I’m a Dev but I can’t find itunes 11.1 beta. Can someone link me or tell me the way to download it frov dev center? TX!!!!

  27. Does anyone know where the iCloud Keychain went, I don’t see it in the GM

  28. this is not beta,,after ios 7 GM i dont need to upgrade again?

  29. hi

    i cant find my iPhone model MD299AE\A

    so i cant chose one of the iPhone 5 ?

  30. Cant install ios 7 gm on my ipad 3 wifi+cellular factory unlocked 6.1.3, because itunes says: apple update server unreachable. Tried to delete the host fle ( of course i have a backup of it ) , without luck. :( The firmware version is OK.

  31. okay so lemme get this strait. im on 6.1.4 with windows now. if i download the GM i can still update to it and use icloud to get all my stuff back on the phone i just cant connect back to itunes until the 18th?

  32. What will happen to the gm version of ios 7 when Apple releases the official ios 7 to the public? Will those devices with the gm version still work?

  33. Al Rod says:

    You don’t need an actual MAC to do this, you can always use VMware to install iTunes 11.1 beta 2 dmg in there without issues. I did this from my Windows laptop since I got error that I needed 11.1 version so I went ahead and used my virtual OS X Lion ;)

  34. On the iPhone 4s, anyone else notice that wifi becomes unaccessible after installing GM?

  35. when trying to install itunes 11.1 beta 2 i get this error after the installation is done “the installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail”
    any idea?

  36. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Well, Apple is gonna release iOS 7 final version today, so I have just figured out a link for direct download:

    I believe this will sort out the issue for everyone.