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Apple has just posted a new video introducing the technology behind Touch ID, the new fingerprint-reading technology in the iPhone 5s. There’s also a video about the updated camera in the iPhone 5s.

Some real life usage of the feature can be seen in the Vine below.

And the “Fingerprints” setting panel:

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9 Responses to “Jony Ive, Dan Riccio explain the technology behind iPhone 5s Touch ID sensor and camera”

  1. rettun1 says:

    Are developers going to have access to it?
    “Never available to other software”


  2. Whow whow Apple. Does this mean that waterproof cases are over?
    How would it recognize my fingerprint with my beloved LifeProof case
    wrapped tightly around the phone?

    Now that Otterbox acquired LifeProof
    they better put a thin layer of REAL otter skin & fur
    to coat my new iPhone 5s


  3. Luis Lopes says:

    I think it was the worst Apple Event since i can remember! With the quantity of leaked information i could present all the functions of new iPhones with 2 minutes talk with Tim Cook!

    I think that spending minutes talking about new iOS Ringtones expresses quite well the way Apple is not delivering new features at all. Nothing!! Apple is just Upgrading things….that was the exact critic Steve Jobs made to other companies that spent their time replicating success instead of creating new factors for it!

    Dont get me Wrong, i love Apple, but for me, besides OSX all the other Apple Products aren`t as innovative and interesting as they should be – Samsung and Nokia and Google are leading on phones innovation!


    • GLoRin says:

      You got it all wrong.. plus Nokia is not out of business


      • He didn’t say Nokia was going out of business, he grouped them in with companies that are revolutionizing the mobile industry.

        Personally, I look at Apple products as Pigs with Lipstick. They don’t do anything for me anymore, and they are just adding makeup to what’s already there. Honestly, the newest feature of iOS was the notification bar, brought over from Android.

        The phone is still a 2007 phone (looks wise), with newer internals…