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In line with our report from last week, Apple has flipped the switch in its Apple Store app to allow for customers to check availability for the new iPhone models at Apple Stores. The process is similar to the one for Personal Pickup on Apple’s online store.

To check for availability on the iPhone and iPod touch Apple Store app, navigate to the buy iPhone page, add your iPhone to the cart, then choose “Check Availability.”

The app will show you a list of your favorite and nearby stores. With Personal Pickup, you can order an iPhone through the app and then pick it up at your local Apple Store. With iPhones now shipping in October, this might be your best bet at soon getting an iPhone 5s.

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12 Responses to “Apple now allows customers to check iPhone retail availability via Apple Store app”

  1. No option for UK customers. :(


  2. You can also verify available stock from when selecting a model and carrier by clicking the “check availability” link. From what I see, every store in a 100+ mile radius has able stock of the 5c but not a single 5s.


  3. Stuart Nolan says:

    How do you get the app to show non contract prices? It is always asking me to pick a carrier AT&T, Verizon or Sprint.


    • Kevin Mongru says:

      if you are trying to buy non contract aka tmobile (not sprint \ vz) 649/749/849


    • If you’re on Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T, You can NOT buy an off contract 5c or 5s from Apple’s website. There is no option for it. If you go into an Apple store and ask for one though, they will sell it to you.

      They purposely disabled it on their website / online store, no doubt at the request of the carriers. I have Verizon, and through their own web portal, I can buy off contract 5c or 5s (they call it “month-to-month”), but I have to order it from them and have them ship it to me, etc. Again more BS by the carriers that Apple caves into.


  4. I see now way to do this at all. As Stuart Nolan says, the app does not let you choose a non-contract model. I’m an iPhone 5.


  5. jaelalexis says:

    I just got myself the 64gb gold 5s via this method! So excited to not have to wait!