Since first announcing its Google Play Music ‘All Access’ streaming service earlier this year on Android, Google has been delaying the release of an official Google Play Music app for iOS for unknown reasons. Android chief Sundar Pichai originally said the app would be out in “the next few weeks” in May, but four months later we’ve yet to get an iOS app or access to the $9.99 month streaming service on iOS. Today, Engadget reports that Google is continuing to test the app internally and will launch it later this month:

Sources aware of Google’s plans have let slip to Engadget that not only is the company currently testing a native Google Music iOS app internally, but that it’ll launch later this month. We’re told that while employees have been invited to test the app, Google still needs to fix a few bugs before it’s ready for release… The company had previously closed the door on iOS users because Flash was needed to enforce DRM restrictions set by music labels. Now, Google appears to have overcome that issue and is nearly ready to launch.

Until the official app from Google launches, popular third-party clients like the gMusic app have been updated to support the “All Access” streaming service.

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8 Responses to “Google Play Music ‘All Access’ for iOS reportedly landing this month following internal beta”

  1. You lost me at Flash. None of my current Android devices run Flash so how is DRM managed on my Nexus 4 or 7?


  2. Rick Z says:

    Interesting to see that Google is becoming more and more of an Apple wanna-be company. At least Google devs good Apps and with Samsung is pushing Apple to innovate.


  3. Tom Parker says:

    Any news on this?


  4. I would be curious to see how google will make the music app work with ios 7. i have gmusic and there are a ton like A TON OF BUGS


  5. still waiting… I’m still undecided whether I’ll keep my All-access subscription or switch to Spotify. One thing is sure: I’m liking Google less and less.


  6. End of the month today and no sign of All-access for iOS.


  7. The Song Spout app is by far best way to use all access music on your iPhone (as of now) or any other device that plays music for that matter.