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On Twitter, investor Carl Icahn has disclosed that he issued a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The letter will be shared publicly via Icahn’s new website that is launching tomorrow. Earlier this month, Icahn, Cook, and Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer met over dinner in New York City. One of the major topics of discussion: $AAPL share buybacks. While unconfirmed, it seems likely that Icahn’s new letter to Cook is in regards to that. Icahn has been pushing for a $150 million buyback, and this comes ahead of Apple’s October 28th financial earnings call.

Update: CNBC agreeing the topic of the letter is in regards to share buybacks:

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4 Responses to “Carl Icahn will post letter to Tim Cook tomorrow, likely about AAPL share buybacks”

  1. rettun1 says:

    Buy buy!

    Er, SELL!

    I mean… huh?


  2. Matt Thomas says:

    It’s hard to think of a less effective use of $150 million for Apple.


  3. Icann reeks of desperation.