Update: Shocker iPhone won 55% to 45%

We’re doing a little poll over at 9to5Google on the quality of images taken on the new Nexus 5 vs. everyone’s favorite iPhone 5s (Gold obv.).

To check the validity of claims that the Nexus 5 has a poor shooter, we took 10 different pictures with both a Nexus 5 and the reigning champ of smartphone cameras –  the iPhone 5s.  We even split the test over two different Nexus 5s and iPhone 5s devices.  The comparison test is below. We’ll publish the results tomorrow.

Thanks to the folks at Polar for the great polling experience. 

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16 Responses to “iPhone 5s vs Nexus 5 Photo Smackdown: Vote which images are the best”

  1. Is there a way to see these images full size? So hard to tell with only tiny thumbnails.


  2. Honestly, those sample shots are too small. It is painful to give a glance at and just pick one. :/


  3. Carter M says:

    I’ve chosen but the images really need to be bigger.


  4. Charles Tiu says:

    how do we find out the results?


  5. I agree the closer the pictures are to full size the better it is to judge. For me at those sizes the most obvious difference is the quality of the lighting and hue but its hard to judge the difference in detail/clarity.


  6. The Photos are a bit small, but its fairly clear in most cases which one is better. Should be an interesting followup tomorrow.


  7. The photos are too small to judge, you can’t see the focal sharpness, leaving us to compare color and brightness levels only. Technically the poll works but, the low resolution photos make it a failure (and 9to5 should never fail).

    Most people want to take professional looking photographs, this poll treats smart-phone snapshots as a novelty.


  8. rettun1 says:

    Did the poll on my iPhone, pictures were big enough and very sharp.


  9. Robert Bundy says:

    It isn’t fair to vote on camera quality when the pictures are not identical, you can tell there is a different angle with the two shots based on the location of the plant. Perhaps the light is better/worse at the different angles. When you have identical photo angles try again.


  10. Jordan Brown says:

    the best android site is androidcentral . com, windows phone wpcentral . com and the best apple site ioscentral . com


  11. Oh my God, I clicked through all that and now I have to find out tomorrow?!?!! That’s an _eternity_ on the internet. Need the results now!! I gotta go lie down.


  12. Don’t these phones have the exact same camera? why is there such a tremendous difference? is it the software?


  13. I’m seeing a lot of mixed messages about how good the Nexus 5 Camera really is, in this review, the Nexus 5 camera triumphed over the iphone 5S camera: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qp6clWG-b5c


  14. i choose all image to iphone 5s not bcoz im fanboy,it clearly better than nexus 5 bcoz iphone have more premium material but its overpriced,in my country nexus 5 would be almost a half price from iphone 5s


  15. At the time of release the camera software for the Nexus 5 was not properly optimized for the hardware. At the time of writing, Google are rolling out an update to enable photos to properly represent the capabilities of the hardware. This is an article but I hope that 9to5mac will run the test again after Google’s update.


  16. iphone wins but twice the price!