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Update: It’s back!

Google has just increased compatibility between its Google Glass wearable computer and iOS: the company has released its MyGlass companion app for the iPhone. The application allows users to setup their Glass, connect to WiFi networks, install Glassware apps, integrate with contacts, and mirror content from Glass to the iPhone’s display. The app is free, but it (obviously) requires the $1,500 computerized shades. Update: Looks like the app has been pulled. Google offered a mention of the app on a help document discussing the XE12 update to Glass:

Google Glass X12 release notes mentions the update should come later (officially) this week:

MyGlass for iOS is ready. MyGlass has almost all of the features of the Android app, but designed especially for Apple mobile devices. Set up Glass, get turn-by-turn directions, add new contacts, and turn on Glassware. It’s made especially for XE12, so you’ll want to plug in Glass to your charger and upgrade before downloading the app if you haven’t already. We’ll be releasing it on the App Store later this week.

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8 Responses to “Google Glass companion app MyGlass launches for iPhone”

  1. John Shelton says:

    What happened to the app? Please keep us posted. Thanks!


  2. Yay!!!!!

    -The 5 People Who Own Glass


  3. Jack Johnson says:

    did you figure out why it was pulled so soon? also, will this give directions and sms?


  4. Dan Parks says:

    UGHHHH! So Close… and yet so far!


  5. Romer Ibo says:

    It was pulled because they mistakenly released it before the system update for the Google Glass was released to make it compatible with Glass


  6. “Can’t innovate My Glass”


  7. ready to upgrade to XE12 to try the iOS MyGlass app !
    Hope to get screencast working …