BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against one of its own executives over his decision to leave the company for a position at Apple, as noted by iMore. Sebastien Marineau-Mes is BlackBerry’s Senior Vice President of Software until Apple offered him a role as Vice President of Core OS last December. That’s when Marineau-Mes told BlackBerry he’d be quitting in two months for Cupertino.

But because Marineau-Mes had signed a contract that required him to give six months notice before leaving (rather than two), the company filed a lawsuit to keep him around for four extra months. The court ruled that Marineau-Mes would have to stay on with BlackBerry for the full six months before he would be allowed to vacate his post.

BlackBerry called the lawsuit “unfortunate” but said that it expected Marineau-Mes to fulfill the contractual terms he agreed to when he accepted his job.

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14 Responses to “BlackBerry sues its own SVP of Software as he attempts to leave the company for Apple”

  1. Well that is fair. We’ll have him soon enough.


  2. jakexb says:

    I bet those are going to be incredibly productive 4 extra months.


  3. Whiny those black berry folks!


  4. Please waste 4 more months of your life with us.


  5. greggthurman says:

    Sebastien had to know the terms of his contract. That’s pretty bad form to violate like that.


  6. scumbolt2014 says:

    Sebastian got a RIM job.


  7. aeronperyton says:

    When you have to tie people to the sinking ship to keep them from getting to a lifeboat, then you’ll know.


  8. greenbelt2csp says:

    Send a company-wide email every day stating the days left until I stop spamming you with this email. Fill it with a giant attachment. Shouldn’t take too long…


  9. jerryfromcan says:

    This isn’t just a BB issue. When you are “Senior VP of…” In the tech field for 250-300k base per year and you sign a contract stating parting terms, you don’t get to just break that contract. If BB fired him he would have expected his golden parachute he probably had built into his contract on the way in, so why expect BB wouldn’t hold him to his terms?

    I actually thought it wasn’t about 6 months notice but rather a non-compete. So this guy isn’t in the office, he is probably sitting at home with no one paying him.