moule-iphone-6 crop

Pictures of supposed iPhone 6 production tooling leaked out yesterday. However, the initial images of the molds were blurry and lacked context. A new picture from compare the molds directly to an iPhone 4s.

The new device is substantially larger than the 4s. Nowhereelse did some Photoshopping and overlaid an iPhone 5s onto the image proportionally to gauge how big the impression actually is. Using this method, the site guesses a screen size of approximately 4.7 inches — as has been rumored by many sources in the past


The writer notes that the dimensions line up with the size of the iPhone 5s  (quoted via Google Translate):

Coincidentally or not, if the boxes iPhone 6 will actually be manufactured using the mold and assuming that my calculations are correct, this model should measure approximately 138mm long by 64mm wide and be fitted with a screen of 4.7 inches.

Finally, I would just like to clarify that the bottom of the mold measuring around 123mm long and 58mm wide which curiously corresponds to the dimensions of the iPhone 5s (123.8mm 58.6mm on). Therefore remain cautious and keep in mind that it could actually be used in the production of boxes of this model …

Therefore, it is possible that this piece is used in the production of current iPhones. However, this contradicts previous reporting on the molds. Given the spate of larger-screened iPhone evidence recently, this cautious perspective seems unlikely but should not be disregarded.

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47 Responses to “New picture of supposed iPhone molds further indicates 4.7-inch screens incoming”

  1. If there’s a mold involved, doesn’t that imply plastic?

  2. It’s too early to say anyway. June and further is the time frame that I am looking for. Then we’ll know what, how, when, where… more or less. But obviously Apple are going for 4,7. Or at least considering…

  3. I’d be shocked to see a 5.5in iPhone at all. 4.7 is very believable. I had an HTC One for awhile and it had a great screen size. Although, I would peg the phone size closer to the Moto X.

    • There’s nothing stopping from Apple making a 5.5″ version and branding it under a different name, instead of iPhone. This may be one of those “new” product categories that Tim Cook was referring to.

      • i think that would be tough, no? 5.5 is still within current “phone” sizes. I tend to think 5.5in is wishful thinking for a mass produced “iPhone” product. Sure would be nice to see but it would seem out of line with what Apple normally does. I’m sure Apple is testing everything under 6in.

        What would be nice to see is the biggest screen size Apple can squeeze into the chassis of the Samsung S4. Considering market needs, wants, and still able to operate one handed for 80% of the people. .

      • I don’t think that would be tough. I consider devices that are 5.5″ to 6″ in the phablet category. People know they’re not designed for one-handed use. Apple is pretty stringent on being able to have iPhone operated with one hand (with good reason). This is why is theorize that if Apple releases a 5.5″ / 5.7″ device, it may not brand it as iPhone. It then doesn’t have to satisfy the one-handed usage constraint.

  4. Scott Rose says:

    Just what I need. An iPhone so large that it doesn’t fit in my pocket! And an iPhone so large that I can’t use it one-handed.

    Wow, thanks Tim Cook, for your AMAZING INNOVATIONS since Steve died!!

    Meanwhile, the ONE LARGE THING that we really do need has been discontinued: the 17″ laptop. High screen resolution doesn’t matter if the pixels are so small that you have to squint while trying to edit video.

    Tim Cook and Phil Schiller are making a complete mess of Steve’s house.

    • Scott Rose you are probably the dumbest idiot i have came across in months.

    • Mike Prouty says:

      You’re an idiot. Plenty of people are wishing Apple had a 5+ inch iPhone. Stop thinking about just yourself.

    • frankman91 says:

      An extra cubic inch in your pocket is barely noticeable. I have a Galaxy S3 and believe me the added screen size is BEYOND worth the annoyance of getting your thumb to the top opposite corner and the tiny extra bulk in my pocket. My wife wears skinny girl jeans and still has no issue carrying her Galaxy S4 which is the same size as my S3.

      The real issue is when large Android phones are jammed in OtterBox cases; they are then just silly big. If that is the case type you normally have your complaint is a valid one.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>An extra cubic inch in your pocket is barely noticeable.

        Challenge. In this shape, it’s blatantly noticeable. Both in storage and in use of the device.

        >>the added screen size is BEYOND worth the annoyance of getting your thumb to the top opposite corner

        So having an unusably large screen outweighs the detriment of having a screen too large to be used?

        Nice logic.

      • frankman91 says:

        Screen is not too large to be used, just occasionally have to use a second hand to reach the top corner, and depending on how I grabbed the phone that is not always the case.

        The screen is worth having because, at least for me, it is a more pleasant user experience. Text is larger while keeping a large amount of content on the screen. Watching videos is better, the aspect ratio matches the tv shows I have loaded on it, is better to view photos, I like the playing games on the bigger screen, etc etc. For me; everything about it is better.

        My old HTC phone has a 4 inch screen and when I see it in my desk drawer I laugh at it and how dated it looks.

        If the iPhone would get rid of the gigantic bezels it has on top and bottom, and go back to the former aspect ratio, you could get a larger screen without adding much volume at all, if any.

        I think what Apple should do is just offer two flavors of the 6; one the size they have now and call it the mini or air or something, and one with a bigger 4.7″; in that way no one is getting hosed or mad, and people can have something that competes with Androids form factor. Why would that be a bad thing?

      • borntofeel says:

        Lame. We don’t need stupid phones that big.

    • jrox16 says:

      Wow, little bit of drama there lol. Steve died a whole 2.5 years ago, and you want some crazy amazing innovations since then?? You go try to do that in such short time spans, see how easy it is LOL.

      They stopped making the 17″ most likely because it wasn’t selling in the quantities needed to keep it around. People like laptops to be light at portable.
      Also, don’t freak out about the chance of a 4.7″ iPhone… that does not mean they will cancel the 4″ iPhone. They might keep both sizes, or 3 sizes. iPhone Mini (4”), iPhone Air (4.7″), iPhone Pro (5.5″). That would be awesome.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Concept to launch, the first iPhone took 18 months. If my math is correct, that’s shorter than 2.5 years. Then again, I’m sure a 4.7” phone is “usable” with one hand, too¡

      • jrox16 says:

        Tallest Skil: The first iPhone took years to launch, where did you get 18 months? Wow you’re misinformed. Development of the first iPhone started in 2003/2004. It took 3 to 4 years of development and around $150 million and numerous prototypes.

    • originaldub says:

      You sound like a spoiled brat.

    • borntofeel says:

      Did they make an announcement yet? Oh no, it’s just you making a fit based on rumors.

  5. Jason says:

    It’s not likely a mold. It’s more likely a jig to hold a block of metal/plastic on a CNC machine.

  6. Ry L says:

    Molds aren’t used for metal, but they’re used for plastic (or liquid metal?)

  7. wait, the mold measure same as current iPhone 5s, then how this smart alic measures the next iPhone screen will be 4.7 inch, i don’t get it.

    • rettun1 says:

      They took an image of a 5s and stretched it over the opening. Given that the bezels will probably change and whatnot, it is only a very rough guess about the size

  8. Am I the only one who believes that the Iphone 3 had the best physical size? That a physically larger phone was too large and a physically smaller phone was too small?

  9. devanealex says:

    Are we forgetting that Apple machine their iPhones using CNC milling machines – there should be no moulds unless this is for the iPhone 6’c’ (plastic) which is injection moulded. It seems unlikely that Apple would completely change from using CNC milling machines to MIM (Metal injection moulding) for their metal (more expensive iPhone model).

    Put then those holes would not be appropriate for moulding for obvious reasons. Something to do with liquid metal could be possible (I know little about that area).

    But what it does remind me of is the holes in the Macbook Pro unibody process before they add the square holes for the keyboard.

    My bet would be this is for the packaging or perhaps some new process where the holes are actually where the display will go or something like that.

  10. PMZanetti says:

    Molds usually have holes them. They work well for ruining the entire process.

  11. Better be 128GB at this size…

  12. That mold of the new iPhone 6, or whatever, isn’t proof of anything. It can be a mold of an Apple prototype, sure, but as far as I know, Apple has a big last generation CNC lab where Jonny Ive can make lots of molds by a touch on his iPhone.
    People are really stupid to think Apple is naive enough to let the mold be made outside Apple, or permit someone inside Apple to photograph it.

  13. RP says:

    I have made molds for a living and It’s a jig/fixture. The extreme bevel on it is for a quick release of whatever part is going through whatever process. But it is most definitely not a mold.

  14. I am so ready to put my 5s on Ebay. It is a fantastic phone in every single way with the exception of the #1 important feature to me which is the display size. It is just so small. Apple was late to race with a usable screen size but very happy that the wait is nearly over.

  15. BTW – that looks to be an iPhone 4S (White) used for comparison.

  16. drtyrell969 says:

    I smell flop.

  17. if Apple really really plans to create a phablet, then i wish and hope they design the ui so that we can configure the screen real estate better.

    say they release a 4,7″ iPhone, but it would be “impossible” to touch the upper parts of the screen with only one finger/hand, then we should be able to have the chance to NOT place any apps on the top most row.

    i think the smartphone companies are working with the jeans companies. they want us to buy more jeans, now with bigger pockets.