Even as the redesigned OS X 10.10 approaches, Apple is continuing work on OS X Mavericks. According to multiple sources, Apple has provided its employees with the first seed of OS X 10.9.4. Codenamed “Epic,” 10.9.4 will continue to bring bug fixes and various stability enhancements to Mavericks…

Development of 10.9.4 is still in its early stages with Apple telling employees that this build is an “alpha.” When 10.9.4 hits “beta” status, developers and AppleSeed testers will likely be able to get their hands on the upcoming operating system update. The internal seeding of 10.9.4 also indicates that the public release of OS X 10.9.3 is quickly approaching, which we reported last week. A release timeframe for 10.9.4 is currently unclear, but it will likely be the last (or one of the last) OS X Mavericks releases before the redesigned 10.10 ships this fall. 


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31 Responses to “First OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 ‘Epic’ build seeded inside Apple as 10.9.3 release approaches”

  1. Only bug fixes and various stability enhancements with the name Epic? Must be some great polishing.

    • mikhailt says:

      The only thing that barely make sense to me is that 10.10 is going to be _epic_ and they’re teasing us like this because we go crazy every time there’s a new build mentioned. :)

    • Builds of 10.9.4 will be E. 13E…

      Builds of 10.9.3 are D. 13D…

      Builds of 10.9.2 were C, 13C…, Carve; I became overoptimistic about what might result from a carve-up.

      I shouldn’t attach great significance to the choice of word for the letter.

  2. I’m hoping 10.9.4 will add something other than bug fixes because I don’t encounter any bugs…. performance would be nice in some areas.

    • Roman Levit says:

      forgive my ignorance here but wasnt osX 10.10 actually simply 10.1 which was released god knows how many years ago. just a comment on the name…

      • Mike Beasley says:

        Nah, version numbers don’t work like mathematical decimals. 10.10 is different from 10.1 in version numbering.

      • mikhailt says:

        It’s a software version number, they never ever follows decimal rules.

        OS X 10.10 means just means 10th version of OS X.

    • mikhailt says:

      Oh as for Anthony, because of the annual release, there’s not going to be much optimization done for minor releases like 10.9.x. Expect all the optimizations and new features to go in major releases like 10.x. Apple sometime do release a new feature-focused minor update but that only happens because Apple couldn’t get that feature in the major update in time.

      So, if you want performance, you’ll see it next month when Apple starts seeding 10.10 shortly after WWDC.

    • Start up needs to be speedier

  3. I can’t wait to see 10.10, it’s gonna be awesome. I’m so over the current design, and is love for the reflection and shine to go away.

  4. aronvdherik says:

    I hope to see a version of AirDrop which finally gives me the ability to simply ‘drop’ files and documents between my iPhone and my Mac.

    • yea. I’m so sick of emailing myself things. I mostly wish image capture worked wirelessly so I could just pull screen grabs from my phone without having to plug in all the time.

      • wheinsky says:

        Photostream in iPhoto does this

      • wheinsky, it does but I don’t use it two reasons:

        - It takes a long time to launch.
        - I don’t want all of my personal photos popping up on my work computer.

        Another reason why airdrop would be better is that you’d be able to use it without logging into your apple ID on a computer, so being able to transfer files to any mac near by would be great.

    • PMZanetti says:

      LMAO. What “Files”? Give me one example of a specific file, why you would be doing a Wifi drag and drop, why that would be your Best/Only option, and how each device is supposed to handle the incoming file.

      • Being able to AirDrop photo’s and videos would be a start, or anything else that can make use of the AirDrop feature on iOS. I’d also love to see some better integration between iPhoto/Aperture on the Mac with iOS iPhoto and Camera Roll that works over WiFi or USB syncing rather than using Photo Stream.

  5. telecastle says:

    Power management is a disaster. The pmset options don’t work properly. standby, poweroff, standbydelay, and poweroffdelay don’t work properly. The Mac hibernates at wrong times. The wake up from hibernation is screwed up. No wonder none of these features is on the GUI. They simply don’t work. How many iterations of OS X will it take for power management to work properly? This happens on multiple MacBook Pros of different generations.

  6. not sure but if its helping to starting faster than i like it. Want to use demo piece.

  7. Mark my words. Any serious issues found in this version, and the media hounds will quickly dub it “Epic fail.”

  8. unless SMB and DFS are fixed, Mavericks will continue to be an Epic Fail. Like Vista.

  9. Ted Wood says:

    No kidding. Whoever is moderating is doing a poor job. :P