KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made a few more predictions about what we’ll see from Apple in the near future. According to a new KGI research note, Apple could potentially release cheaper versions of the iMac and iPhone 5s during its developer conference next week to accompany its software announcements.

Earlier today new references to an unreleased iteration of the the iMac appeared in an OS X developer preview, likely indicating the impending release of a new model. It’s quite possible that this could be the cheaper iMac referred to in the report. Despite the rumored upgrade, KGI has revised its iMac shipment estimates down, citing a slow PC market:

However, as the PC market remains sluggish, we revise down our 2014 iMac shipments forecast from 4.8mn units to 4.0-4.5mn units, even though we think a cheaper iMac can boost shipments.

Another piece of cheaper hardware reportedly coming soon is an 8 GB version of the iPhone 5s. Apple has been selling the iPhone 5c in this capacity in some overseas markets for several months now, but at this time the 5s is only available as small as 16 GB. Kuo notes that the smaller 5s model could be designed to help the phone gain traction in emerging markets.

The timing of the 8 GB iPhone 5s release seems a bit unusual, as Apple is widely expected to announce and release the iPhone 6 this fall. However, it’s possible that the iPhone 5s will stick around solely in an 8 GB model to help fill out the iPhone family. If that’s the case, launching the smaller iPhone 5s now could give the device some momentum to carry it into the next update cycle.

Update: The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has weighed in on this rumor. His verdict? “Nope.”

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23 Responses to “Analyst: Apple plans to release cheaper iMacs, 8 GB iPhone 5s at WWDC [Update: “Nope”]”

  1. Dean Lubaki says:

    8GB? C’mon Apple. First, 32 GB should be the norm… What the heck do you want to do with 8GB of storage for a premium smartphone? I know it’s for emerging markets but damn…


  2. stan1028 says:

    It’s time to shift the 16GB for emerging markets and not 8GBs! Make the options for the iPhone to be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. This is then the perfect lineup for iPhones. I gotta say that this shift in the lineup hasn’t taken place for years and it’s time to do so!


  3. Sooo…. this is the big exciting hardware announcement for WWDC?


  4. They don’t need a cheaper iMac, they need the Retina/4K model I’ve been waiting on for 2+ years already.


    • THIS and a 4K standalone monitor for the Mac Pro – long overdue. If they match those design profiles, every desk will look more beautiful. In addition, I wouldn’t mind outputting my MBPr into one of those.


    • No, that’s what you need. I don’t need a cheaper iMac but a Retina 4K is of no use to me with my old eyes. Anyway, you can’t believe what these idiot analysts are spouting because they don’t know a damn thing of worthwhile use.


  5. worldwebcams says:

    Super model and great value for money with new innovations and technology


  6. For Pete’s sake. 8GB. Who comes up with this shi‡?


  7. Apple did not need WWDC to release cheaper MBA a month ago, so why they will release cheaper iMac at WWDC? I really hope that they are going to release retina iMac (which is obviously going to be more expensive than the current iMac) and a cheaper iMac with regular display. Like they did with Macbook Pro in 2012, it was separated into two lines: with and without retina display.


  8. If you don’t play games and you don’t keep a million pictures on the phone, 8GB is just fine. By far the majority of first time iPhone buyers would be in that category.


    • Spoken like a person who has never had to support any actual 8GB iPhone users in the day and age of 1GB iOS updates and an Apple-imposed 3GB free space install requirement.

      8GB is a travesty for a company seeing over 50% gross margins and the ASPs Apple is seeing. It is a travesty to their customers and a travesty to their legacy. (Except, Steve Jobs himself was a notoriously poor judge of RAM and disk space needs. So “Blame Steve”, I guess.) The current difference in cost between 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB is paltry, less than $8; a small difference to trade for creating such a poor customer experience. Very UN-Apple-like, but VERY greedy new-Apple-like. And yet many of us seem utterly lost on why Apple’s marketshare has eroded against Samsung.


      • I agree, baseline ought to move up to 32GB and top end to 128GB or higher now. Look at micro SD card price differences, only $16 dif from 32 to 64 in class 10 speed, not $100. I’m using 142GB of my 160GB iPod Classic and waiting. Even if you don’t carry that much music or videos, it’s nice for recording video.


  9. fredhstein says:

    Even a $100 price reduction is a big deal. The market expands quite a bit with each price drop.


  10. 8GB iPhone 5s? Apple will undoubtedly cut the price quite a bit to gain market share in the emerging nations. I think there are a lot of consumers who can live with 8GB if they use cloud storage or simply want to make phone calls and text messages. Apple is trying to work out a balanced cost structure and the 8GB 5s will be the least common denominator for iPhones. I don’t think Apple needs to waste memory on consumers who can’t afford to be downloading a lot of crap.


  11. Tim Jr. says:

    Updated Thunderbolt Display w/USB 3.0 and TB2 tech!!! You can keep the 4k display! I couldn’t afford it!


    • zoidbert says:

      Agreed; this re/updating the TB Display. However, keep in mind several manufacturers have 4K out for under $1k.

      What I’m hoping for is for Apple to return to offering a line of displays, even if it’s just a few. At least a couple of sizes (remember, once there was 23″ and 30″) and, for now, both 4K and Standard.


  12. Overlord says:

    8 GB?

    I live at “emergent market” country and few people buy 8 Gb phones.


  13. Technically, Dalrymple was saying nope to the statement that the “stars of the show will be “a cheaper iMac and maybe an 8GB iPhone 5s.” He could be saying nope to either one of those statements, or possibly just to the fact that they’re the “stars” of the show. To me, his nope still leaves open the possibility of these happening, though an 8 gig 5S seems ridiculous to me. I certainly wouldn’t mind a cheaper iMac though.